Asking for opinions about my consultation

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Asking for opinions about my consultation

#1 Post by riotshield »

I went to a orthodontic office that is rather well-known locally for a consultation. My symptoms were breathing problems through my nose (also affecting my speech), TMJ popping/clicking and aesthetic problems. I had x-rays/pictures/molds done and spoke with an orthodontist. The diagnosis was that I would need both upper/lower jaw surgery to correct an underbite, crossbite, and maybe address my narrow upper jaw. Basically, the major work needs to be done through surgery, but they said I would be put on braces for 2 years (1 yr before and 1 yr after surgery).

I was surprised to hear that the orthodontic treatment alone will cost about $6000. I had braces about 12 years ago, when my teeth were more badly misaligned, and it was less than half of that. I am wondering how much others are paying/have paid for the orthodontic portion of their treatment. Thanks

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#2 Post by suetemi »

I paid $6500 and live in the city of Chicago. I had a few consults with different orthos in the area and the quoted prices ranged from 6,000 to 6.800.

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#3 Post by Luella »

I don't have any surgery involved in my case, and I'm in Fort Worth, TX and my total treatment cost is about $3400... $6000 seems like a lot to me! Is insurance going to pick up any of that tab? My out of pocket was just under $1000...
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#4 Post by MsViola »

Welcome Riot :-1

I paid about $5400.00 (including records, x-rays). I had 3 consults and they were all within $300 of each other.

Price also depends on the type of braces you choose (all metal vs ceramic/clear) as well as the need for other orthodontic appliances.

I hate to say it but your estimate is probably reflective of the going rate in your area :cry: If you still have concerns I would suggest that you get a few more consults from Orthodontist in your area.

Good luck!

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#5 Post by Andantae »

My treatment fee is $5600 and I will be having surgery.
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#6 Post by Audra »

I live in Calgary (Canada). I just had a consultation a couple weeks ago with an orthodontist. I have an underbite and will require surgery as well. He quoted me $10,100 which includes $1950 for TMJ diagnostics and stabilization. I will also require surgery at around the 10-16 month mark. I was told treatment would be 18 months total. I think the cost is higher than average because the ortho is in the downtown core, where overhead for his office is very high. I was going to get a consult close to where I live also and feel it would probably be about $3000-4000 less, but I have some coverage through my health plan and my husbands which should cover most of it so I'm not going to bother. This office is across the street from where I work, which makes it quite convenient.

Our provincial health care will cover most of the surgery, but apparently I will have to fork out about $2500 for surgeons "fees".

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#7 Post by redspecial »

This is my first post here, but lurking for quite sometime. I had braces and retainers before, but developed TMJ symptoms two years ago that never went away. I wore a MORA mouth splint made by my dentist for a year (cost $2,300) and got braces this past January and I will be having upper and lower jaw surgery. Orthodontist told me at the rate I am going I will be ready for surgery before Christmas.

My braces cost $5200.00, I didn't shop prices. I live in northern Michigan.

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#8 Post by OneGuy »

Beside geographical location and non-surgical vs. surgical orthodotics (which cost $1000 - $1500 more), the type of braces your orthodontist uses can contribute to a substantial cost to your treatment. Traditional braces which uses a cap as anchors (requires spacers for 1 to 2 weeks between molars) may cost somewhere $3000 - $5000. The new type of braces known as self-ligation braces (no cap or spacers needed) such as Damon and In-Ovation can cost 50% to 100% more. Additionally, if you choose ceramic instead of metal bracket (usually given the option), that may cost you up to another $1000. Further more, the type of retainer you eventually want if given the choice by your orthodontist (metal wire vs. plastic mode vs. invisalign type) can also contribute to additional cost.

For example, I'm wearing self-ligation braces with ceramic brackets on my front teeth (my choice). I'll undergo upper/lower/genio the end of this or early next year. As you can see, it's a surgical orthodontic treatment. My total cost is around $8800. This treatment is in the D.C. (capital) area. My previous orthodontist (tried to use my teeth to compensate for a skeletal problem - bad idea) used the traditional braces which cost only $4000, inclusive. Here is a break down of why I think it cost me that much this time
1) Surgical instead of non-surgical - around $1000 more (don't know why cost more for surgical)
2) Ceramic brackets - $650 more
3) Self-ligation braces - probably around $2000 more
4) Retainer - don't know what type of retainer yet.

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#9 Post by nullalux »

My ortho (ceramic upper, metal lower) came to $5600 after a reduction for paying up front. I used a CapitalOne Healthcare loan. I'll have braces for a year (six months pre-, six months post-surgery).

My wisdom removal (two lowers only) was about 2K. Neither the wisdoms or ortho were covered by my medical or dental insurance, although I have Kaiser for the main surgery.

Good luck!



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