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Oral Surgery at a dental school?

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 4:22 am
by SideKick3QT
I already had my consult the oral surgeon in my area and the cost will be about $1500 WITH my dental insurance. I have medical insurance but it will not cover any of the sedation. My 4 wisdom teeth are all full bony impactions by the way.

So to try to weigh my options, I made an appointment for a consultation at the dental school at the University I used to attend, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Do you guys think it is safe to get this procedure done? The only thing that makes me nervous is just the fact that ive seen my xrays and putting my trust in these people freaks me out lol. :? I just want everything to go right..[/b]

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 5:27 am
by dubnobass
All my treatment (braces and bimaxillary surgery with 1 lower wisdom extraction) has been done via a university hospital dental school. In my case, the equivalent of a senior post-doc did all the orthodontic treatment planning and adjustments, overseen by a consultant. The surgery was done at the hospital by a very experienced surgeon - there were postgrads around for the surgical consultations, but the surgery itself and surgical modelling was not done by anyone 'in training'.

When I've needed to have emergency treatment (mostly ligs falling off), I've been treated by less-experienced students, but again, overseen by a consultant.

I don't have any complaints, and it hasn't cost me a penny :thumbsup:
I don't know if they take on everybody, though. They took me on because I was an 'interesting case'.