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i was just wondering for anyone who had a SARPE procedure, did your overexpand you? i understand that this is common practice, but how much bigger did you go than you needed? i needed 6 mm and my ortho plans on overexoanding me 2mm. I have 1mm left to go. Do you think 2mm is a little extra for overexpanding? The gap was not sooo bad until these two extra 2mms...its huge!

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I had SARPE and was overexpanded a bit. We were looking for about 7- 7.5mm and I was expanded to 9MM. My ortho said that you can pretty much plan on at least 1mm of relapse so you are probably fine. I'm just about finished and my bite is great. Trust your ortho.....he knows what he is doing.


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It seems to me that when I had finished my 24th turn, the orthodontist said, " we've actually overcorrected, which is right where we want to be. Typically about 30% overcorrection does it." So, it sounds like you're right on target!

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