on the other side, part I

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on the other side, part I

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hey everyone,

i have read many many posts, but just signed up today. i have also read may blogs and found a lot of support in this site.

i just had a lefort yesterday for my SARPE. i have to expand 6mm in all, and i got 4 mm of expansion in surgery and one turn of the key today. so, i only have 2 mm to go! i will turn once a day for one week. woohoo.

mostly in discomfort and i put lip balm on before and its burning. i guess that means somewhere under the swelling i do have feeling. actually, the ice is calling for me now. so i must go.

i just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and helping others get through similar experiences.


:oops: = swelling

ps- my brother just say me and said, hey there chipmunk (hence the name) how many nuts do you have stored in there for winter? and he's 23...just have to laugh my way through this otherwise id be miserable.

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