how to do research on a surgeon

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how to do research on a surgeon

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I'm lost on how to find a good surgeon as well as doing a background research on said surgeon. The only sites I know is reddit, real self and this forum. Are there any other ways to find out more? I personally feel more comfortable when I can see pictures/videos of before and after of the results and when I can read a lot of reviews.

I saw a few positive reviews and recommendation but when I search online I couldnt find much about them.

Location isnt a problem as I'm willing to travel but was mostly looking at US/Canada.

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Re: how to do research on a surgeon

#2 Post by ScottyB »

There's a forum called Jawsurgeryforums where there are a lot of personal experiences with surgeons in terms of consultations and surgery. Focuses mainly on US surgeons and some in mainland Europe. I'm in the UK and they don't seem to think there are any good UK surgeons.

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