Unsure of the surgery because of a square face

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Unsure of the surgery because of a square face

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I'm really glad I found that forum.
I hope a few people could advide me the best.

So I have a really common mild retrognathia class 2 I can operate whenever I want. The surgeron wants to elongate my lower jaw, and nothing more. But I am not sure I want to do that. My trouble is that I have a square face, and actually my retrognathia seems to kind of soften my face. As a woman I feel it suits me the most.
When I moved my jaws forward, the surgeron told me that yes, it was the better position for me. Yet, when I look at my face in a mirror doing that, I think I look like a bulldog.
The surgeron told me it was only because I was contracting my jaws muscles and that squared my face but I am not so sure about it. My jaws are really like a square (my whole family is like that).
My boyfriend went through the same operation years ago and told me he feared the same and yet, the result is totally great.
Tonight I thought that maybe it's only because when I move my jaw forward therefore the right angle stands out, whereas the surgery should only extend it, hence the right angle would stay in its place and my chin would just be a bit more ahead. I really don't know.

I'm posting this in the hope that somebody has a face similar to mine and could tell me what their result was after the surgery. Many thanks in advance!

Regards, S.

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