Bands Cracked My Tooth

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Bands Cracked My Tooth

#1 Post by 46goingon13 »

Hi I have a couple of questions/ issues. I am in the first stages of orthodontic prep for surgery.

I got several opinions before starting. One orthodontist was knowledgeable and said I needed bands on my molars. She said the surgeons would request this.

I sadly did not choose her as my orthodontist because she was 35 miles away. I went to the local orthodontist who treated my kids.

He did not have bands included in the treatment for my molars. I mentioned it and he added it to the plan. And my problems started.

He used the type of bands that are made to attach expanders — except I don’t need an expander. Is this normal?!?

I told them the left side was not installed high enough on the tooth and was striking my bottom tooth. The glue dried so quickly. The assistant installed the band and when the orthodontist entered the room to adjust the band it had cured and was too low but they sent me home. I told them the part that attaches to the bracket was striking my bottom tooth and I could not close my teeth. My concern was not really addressed.

I called a few days later, distressed and explained the nubs of the band was striking my bottom molar and I was concerned the tooth would break. I also explained I could not chew on that side of my mouth. The orthodontist assistant told me to “trust the process.”

I waited four more days. Then woke several times in one night because I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and my tooth was chipping. I had pieces of tooth in my mouth.

I called again, went in and the orthodontist told me their was no way the metal nub was cracking my tooth because enamel is stronger than the metal and my tooth must already be weak. He then got his drill and sanded off the nubs manually. He also polished the chipped tooth and told me it was fine.

It’s not fine. It’s now clear the tooth has a significant fracture. It hurts, I can’t eat. I’m pretty sure it will end with a crown.

I do not even know what to do. Is my orthodontist right? I feel distrust and sadness right now. Can I switch orthodontists at this point? Should I?

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Re: Bands Cracked My Tooth

#2 Post by Kristen »

Hi! Sorry for your issues with your orthodontist. Did you already pay in full for your treatment? If not, I would suggest getting consults from other orthodontists to see if you could work with them instead. If this is how they handle your concerns, then you will probably not be satisfied with the treatment further down the road. I wish I caught red flags in my orthodontist in the beginning. Instead, I put “trust in the process”. They dicked me around for the first year of treatment and only when it was crunch time right before my surgery they started actually making the correct surgical adjustments. I feel their poor planning had lead to a less successful surgery result. One of my front tooth was not angled properly and now bumps my bottom tooth when I bite down, causing my jaw to be pushed upward, resulting in a delay in the healing. They failed to follow the surgeons post surgical instructions. I am overly anxious and I feel like my bite may slowly going back to how it was presurgery. I called to consult with another orthodontist to see if I could switch, however they refuse to take me because they said orthodontist usually don’t like to finish another’s work. And he said it would be best for me to end treatment with the ortho who started it. I am beyond devastated as I was hoping I could at least switch. I do not trust my ortho or his assistants as they don’t know what they are doing. I would highly suggest you switch now if you plan on switching because you may not have the option later on down the line. You are completely correct in questioning him. Don’t let them tell you otherwise! If I didn’t advocate for myself, then my teeth would definitely be relapsing right now. At lease I was able to stop the ortho from putting on the power chains when the surgeons instructions clearly says no power chains!! I feel your pain. I’m in the same boat as I am highly aggravated by my ortho.

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