September-December 2019 surgery buddies

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September-December 2019 surgery buddies

#1 Post by fridaychunk »

Hi fellow bracefaces!

It looks like there hasn't been a surgery buddies thread in a while, so I'm starting one to cover the last quarter of 2019.

I'm due for my surgery on Wednesday 18th September, in London. I'm having Lefort 1 to my upper jaw, to bring it forward to correct my underbite.

As a very long time lurker here from when I had to make a decision about whether to start braces and have the surgery, it's now my turn to go through this. I'm alternating between being nervous, being accepting, and forgetting about it all.

Anyone with any advice, experience, or questions... please join in!

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Re: September-December 2019 surgery buddies

#2 Post by Chuckaluck »

Me! It’s my second revision third surgery for a le forte 2 piece and bsso.

Surgery was completed on 09/26 - so far the recovery has been VERY smooth and the follow ups positive. Currently banded shut for 6 weeks.

Any questions? I feel like I know some things!

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