How old will you be on the day your braces come off?

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How old will you be on the day your braces come off?

#1 Post by nahky »

Just a quick survery. How old will you be once the metal is outta your mouth? An estimation will do.

I'll be getting them out before my 19th birthday. So 18 for me, another year to go. Feels like a long while, but i know it is all worth it, especialy after my jaw surgery.
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#2 Post by BraceUrself »

I'll be 35 1/2! :lol:
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#3 Post by Nikkiekoala »

I will be 45. I am just a couple of months in to this journey

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#4 Post by weird_wired »

31 or 32. Almost certainly 32 for the lowers, but if a miracle happens, 31 for the uppers. It would be a nice birthday present ;)

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#5 Post by alexa »

Based on my original treatment estimate, I'll be 25...but I keep crossing my fingers for 24...
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#6 Post by shinyam »

I just turned 30 and I have one more year to go. So hopefully 30. :P

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#7 Post by tictac »

34...yikes! :shock:

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#8 Post by naomi »

If I don't go over my estimated treatment time I'll be 23 when I get them off.
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#9 Post by Keith »

With some luck, I'll be 28.

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#10 Post by tkais »

I will be 48 unless they come off early then 47.

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#11 Post by doglover1395 »

I think I'll be 16! (wow I feel young)
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#12 Post by Carmella »

23 (hopefully) or maybe just turned 24

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#13 Post by T4raegirl »

If all goes well i will be 19...i get them on birthday is tommorow...yeah.
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#14 Post by Chocoholic »

30 and a half.

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#15 Post by jcdamon3 »

I will be 47 or 48. I hope 47. :-)

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