Elastics Names (bear? unicorn? ostrich?)

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Elastics Names (bear? unicorn? ostrich?)

#1 Post by swiftchick »

I have these elastics that say "unicorn" on the bag. i remember my sister had "ostrich" elastics with a pic of an ostrich on the bag (we used them for hairbands after she got her braces off...hehe) and i remember my friend had elastics called "bear" with a drawing of a grizzly bear on the bag.

anyway i was wondering what elastics other people have. i remember someone said they had elastics that had guy's names instead of animal names.

so what are yours called?

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#2 Post by iviolet32 »

My last elastics were called Bill.
Out of all the elastics I've worn... these were the smallest.
Bill is NOT a friend of mine :yikes:


Metal Mouth Guy
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#3 Post by Metal Mouth Guy »


Galapagos Giant Tortoise....

Yeah, I laughed too.

"6-1/2 oz, 3/16 in, Heavy" is the rest of what's on the bag.


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#4 Post by jenns91civic »

mine were countries..i had japan, thailand, sweden and a couple others i cant remember.
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#5 Post by doglover1395 »

I think mine are colors. I have teal right now.
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#6 Post by Llamaland »

I have rabbits at the moment.
on the bag it says 3/16" or 3-1/2 Oz. How bad r these ones does anyone know?

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#7 Post by Ice »

I have animals too!

Right now I am wearing Owls - 1/4 whatever that means

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#8 Post by Evelyn »

Yeah I've heard my friends complaining about their 'rhinos'...

It all falls into place now...
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#9 Post by Knucemike »

I have Kangaroos. Appropriately name because sometimes those little things just jump right out.
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#10 Post by SW »

I've worn elastics called "Giant Panda" (med. 5/16") and "Stellar's Sea Lion" (Heavy 1/4").

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#11 Post by peanut »

I've had Gorillas before. I was given them the same day I had Rocky Mountain Stoppers put on my wires, and a powerchain on my 4 front upper teeth. I had quite a mouthful after that appointment!
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#12 Post by Trixxcuit »

Right now I have ones with a chipmunk(1/8") on the bag. Are these pictures and names on the bag just for fun? Or serve an actual purpose?

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#13 Post by strugglebuggy »

Mine just says Blue. :? I want neato keen animal names, dammit! :-(( lol

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#14 Post by TechChick »

My headgear uses Camels :Questions: :Questions:

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#15 Post by alexa »

I have to wear three elastics in my mouth currently ( :-(( ) and I use one Gorilla and two Giant Pandas.
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