I want my overbite back - unhappy with results.

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I want my overbite back - unhappy with results.

#1 Post by Bracesforever123 »

Ortho opened my bite without telling me, but now it became obvious to me that I had a slightly deeper bite with more overjet which I actually really liked. Now the bite is more open, the jaw has come forward, lower incisors pushing against upper incisors, lower lip way too much forward.
I was a sceletal class 3 person to begin with, so I don’t see why he took a risk to correct a minor deep bite which camouflaged my class 3 tendency perfectly - now i have the full class 3 bite looking face again.

I think he opened the bite by extruding the lower premolars and molars. Is it possible to reverse this? Like, purposely closing the bite more to create a deep/ overbite ? Just a little bit so my jaw comes back and my face looks normal again like before.

(I have posted about this topic in this forum before but can not log into my acc anymore).

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