Braces caused class 3 looking long face

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Braces caused class 3 looking long face

#1 Post by Hatebraces »

Hi all,

I’m literally so stressed and sad. I got braces to widen my smile bc it was narrow after premolar extractions many years ago. I’m super happy with the smile now. But the ortho also corrected my bite - I had a slight overbite, perhaps a bit of a deep bite, a class 2 looking face, it looked flawless tbh. I was very clear that I don’t want my lower jaw coming forward in any way because it’s already far forward due to previous treatment.

But now?
I realize he “corrected” my bite anyway by opening it a bit - the jaw has come forward A LOT, my lower incisors push against the front all the time, I now literally have lip incompetence because my lower lip is too far forward to touch upper lip. My face looks way longer, my lips are always open…

Is it possible to reverse this ? Maybe it’s an orthodontic tabu but I literally want my deep bite, class 2 overbite looking face back. I don’t care if it was a bad occlusion or bite, I was happy with it.
Any similar experiences ? Do you think a a slight open class 3 bite can be corrected into a deeper, class 2 bite ?

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