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Palate Expander Refitting Issues and Query

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 7:22 am
by kirana
Hello there!
So I had been experiencing issues with my palate expander, and that's how I discovered this forum and the wealth of information in it. Thank you for that!
I got SARME surgery about a month back, along with a palate expander. I had been turning it diligently just like the ortho and surgeon had prescribed.
Day before yesterday, it started pushing into the roof of my mouth resulting in the most terrible pain. Went to the ortho today, who was like we need to take the expander out and put another one in. Luckily, I was almost at the end of my turns - my crossbite was fixed but the ortho wants me to do another few turns just in case. I also got a plastic retainer put in till next week so that my upper jaw won't relapse.
The entire process of getting the expander out was so intense. My ortho was super careful, but my teeth are so sore, particularly the back molars. Just taking the retainers off and on is a struggle, and then my mouth is also sore because of the expander hitting into it, as well as some remaining stitches from the surgery.
1. Has this happened to anyone? Having to get a new expander in between treatment. I am dreading it, mostly because of the condition of my teeth. I do have a gap of a few days, and I am hoping my teeth will heal but I am so scared.
2. Is there something I can do to alleviate the soreness in the meanwhile? I am using the prescribed mouthwash, along with salt water rinses.