New to braces-age 36-narrow palate and tongue posture

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New to braces-age 36-narrow palate and tongue posture

#1 Post by Swisha2079 »

I am new to this forum and to braces 🙌🏻 I’ve had ceramic braces since March 2020. I have a narrow palate and a posterior crossbite on the right side, where the palate feels collapsed (or at least it did prior to use of elastics, braces and proper tongue posture). The crossbite is almost no longer a crossbite, thanks to crossbite elastics.

My orthodontist did not think I needed palatal expansion and thinks he can widen my smile and make more room for my tongue through braces and elastics alone. I have noticed since I cannot close my teeth fully (since my bite is not in alignment) that my long face looks even longer 😟.

My concern is this. Do I really need palatal expansion and how would i know if I do need this or not? I have a difficult time having my tongue rest on my upper palate, since there is little room, particularly on the right side. This has gotten a little better since braces/elastics but I’m wondering, will I get enough space (for my tongue to be on the roof of my mouth) through braces and elastics alone? Also, does anyone know about tongue posture/mewing and if this is something that can be done while wearing braces?

I also have a deviated septum and have a consult scheduled with an ENT to explore the need for surgery. There are so many factors. I just don’t want for my face to get longer with age and have breathing and aesthetic complications.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Other than these questions/concerns, I have loved having braces and the changes i have seen thus far. I am happy with my decision but I wonder if I should’ve had palatal expansion first and if so, is it too late to get it?


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Re: New to braces-age 36-narrow palate and tongue posture

#2 Post by assertives »


I would listen to what your orthodontist says and recommends. He/she will be able to advise whether or not you'll need a palate expansion. Also, bite correction takes a long time. At 5 months in, it's early days yet, so give it some time.Your bite will continue to be all kinds of weird and at times uncomfortable pretty much throughout your whole treatment.

With regard to mewing, it's pseudo-science. There are currently no scientific evidence to prove it's efficacy in changing face shape or improving bite problems. Also, I read that the orthodontist behind this mewing idealogy was also expelled from the British Orthodontic Society for his statements made on social media which are misleading or have the potential to mislead patients and the public. So I wouldn't put too much stock in it.

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