How is everybody doing??? Hanging in there???

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How is everybody doing??? Hanging in there???

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I just wanted to say Hi to everybody on the board and was wondering how you're all doing in this crazy time of COVID.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself. My husband and I are mostly just staying home, in the SF Bay Area. Our kids are grown and living on their own, so it's just the two of us in the house. Doing a lot of cooking, cleaning and re-organizing. Working on my business, watching some Star-Trek series in my down time (yes, I'm a big Star-Trek nerd). Just trying to get through this thing! Fortunately nobody we know has died of this terrible virus, but a good friend of mine (who has cancer) caught the virus and is having a very hard time getting rid of the fluid in her lungs. She recovered from it (tested negative) weeks ago, but still had a lot of fluid in her lungs which they are trying to dissipate. She's at home (was never hospitalized) and recently was able to start a clinical trial of a new cancer drug to help extend her life.

Our oldest daughter lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, with her Aussie boyfriend. She has been there for a year, working as a graphic designer. She is fortunate to be able to do her work remotely. They were both supposed to come and visit us in September, but obviously that is not going to happen. They are talking about keeping the border of Australia closed until the end of the year. Because she isn't a permanent resident, she wouldn't be able to get back in if she left the country. This is upsetting, but at least there is FaceTime and Skype!

Our youngest daughter lives and works in San Francisco. She is also lucky to be able to work remotely. She has 3 roommates and they are all obeying the social distancing guidelines. Nevertheless, 4 young adults working from home and doing Zoom meetings is noisy and is starting to get on her nerves. She got a gadget to attach to her bicycle so that she can "cycle in place" in her apartment's garage to get some exercise. She's going a little stir-crazy.

My husband and I both still have our mothers. My mother (age 98) lives on the other side of the country, in upstate NY. She is in a really good assisted living place, and they have no COVID cases there. My brother and his wife live nearby, but can't visit her (they don't allow any visitors right now). The staff has arranged some FaceTime and Skype calls, which has been wonderful. Of course her place is on total lockdown and all the residents stay in their rooms.

My husband's mother (age 92) lives in our town. We have been able to go over to her assisted living place and talk to her on the phone while seeing her from her window. They had a couple of COVID cases in her place, but those were on a "lockdown dementia" floor, and fortunately didn't spread anywhere. The entire place is also on total lockdown and all the residents stay in their rooms.

So how about you guys? How are things in your worlds? Do you have any treatment challenges?

Lynn (the board owner)
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Re: How is everybody doing??? Hanging in there???

#2 Post by desertd »

I'm doing good. I had an appointment pushed back but so far it's still on for next week. Being home more sure makes it easier to keep up on the hygiene aspect. I think the extra time on my hands gives me more chances to notice the remaining imperfections in my teeth, but then I have to remember I'm only 13 months into a 24-30 month sentence so there is plenty of time to get everything sorted.
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