The Painnnn - Root Canals?

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The Painnnn - Root Canals?

#1 Post by Steph30 »

I was debraced around April 2019... and almost immediately after had extreme sensitivity in one part of my mouth.. its continually gotten worse and started causing extreme toothaches... Now dentist says I need a root canal in that tooth (Upper right, second molar) - 1300$ :roll:

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced any need for root canals after having braces off? Theres other spots in my mouth that are sore but this one requires attention now.. I fear there will be more to come.

Side note: I've also struggled immensely with my retainer and its still uncomfortable, causes headaches etc :cry: Theres still times when I question if the braces were worth it.. I have had nothing but discomfort and problems since they came off.. but I am happy with the cosmetic result.

Root Canal experiences? Please share - I have dental anxiety!

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Re: The Painnnn - Root Canals?

#2 Post by desertd »

I know someone who had to have nine root canals after braces but they weren't always diligent about brushing...

I'm just hoping that I can avoid it. I had a root canal about 3 or 4 years ago. I have a high pain tolerance but having to hold my mouth pried open for two hours was no fun.
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Re: The Painnnn - Root Canals?

#3 Post by assertives »

I've never had a root canal before, so I can't really comment on that. But I just wanted to chime in and say if your retainers aren't comfortable, this is a good time to go back to your ortho and get them adjusted or even get new ones made since getting a root canal (and crown) will probably change how they fit over your tooth. Your retainers shouldn't be causing discomfort after all these time if you have been wearing them diligently.

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