Black Triangles?

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Black Triangles?

#1 Post by BracesT22 »

I have black triangles on each side of the tooth next to my front teeth. Orthodontist mentioned how they can be shaved down and teeth brought together with powerchain I believe but never offered to do it? Only reading now this should happen during orthodontic treatment. I am nearing the end of my treatment and closing up gaps and using elastics for last bit of movement.

My question being; has anyone got their black triangles fixed? Who shaved down the tooth an orthodontist or dentist? Is it possible so late into treatment? Or any other information someone might have would be helpful!

Thanks! :)

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Re: Black Triangles?

#2 Post by assertives »

The ortho is the one that does the shaving, and yes, you need the braces to close the gaps after shaving, so it has to happen before debanding. Bring it up to your ortho and ask for it to be done.

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Re: Black Triangles?

#3 Post by djspeece »

These black triangles are often due to the shape of your teeth. Unless you have those perfectly rectangular teeth, you will end up with them. I did not want to have my teeth shaved down to minimize them (they weren't that big of a deal in the first place). The tops of some of my teeth seemed a bit wider that the width at the gumline. They were all closely approximated, and to me that was the most important thing. Best of luck to you.

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Re: Black Triangles?

#4 Post by ivorynectar »

I had my teeth 'shaved' a little bit. It is called Inter Proximal Reduction. I was able to eliminate the black triangle on one side, but still have a little one on the other. There is a delicate balance between how much you can 'shave' off to improve the look, without taking off too much -- which could remove too much enamel.

One of my misconceptions at the beginning was that after braces, everyone's teeth look perfect. If you look closely, everyone has teeth that are shaped differently, tiny gaps or black triangles. Once I had braces, I was looking at people's teeth very closely. Those minor 'imperfections' in your teeth when you are done with treatment? Nobody but you will notice them.

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