Getting braces for the second time at 25

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Getting braces for the second time at 25

#1 Post by r0zequartz »

Wow is all I can say. I used this forum when I was 13-15 years old and I’m now 25. I’m Kendra, I’m from Nebraska and a lot has changed since I was 15.
I had braces for almost three years during that time and I’m now on my way to having them a second time. A lot of problems happened in the last 10 years and needless to say, age and a mix of those problems, I need braces again.

I have an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday and I don’t really know what time expect other than the usual xrays, molds and consultation. Adults with braces, what advice can you give me? I’ve had them before but I don’t know what’s changed in 10 years lol. I’m looking to get ceramic braces, since I’m not a candidate for Invisalign due to my cross bite. Are they really clear? Noticeable? I just have questions lol. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Getting braces for the second time at 25

#2 Post by assertives »

Ceramics are not really not noticeable. You can definitely still notice them. I have found that with ceramics, people don't really recognize immediately that you have braces from afar, and would sometimes stare because it looks like you have something on your teeth, but don't know what. At least with metal ones, it's in your face, people already know you have braces.

As for other advice, the one thing I often tell others on forums and my own friends and coworkers as well is to have an open communication with your orthodontist. If you need to know why (why not) a treatment option is recommended, absolutely ask. If you have concerns, definitely bring it up to your ortho, if you have certain or any expectations wrt your treatment outcomes, I'd communicate them to your ortho. Don't be afraid to be your own advocate because after all, you are the only one who's going to be living with your teeth the rest of your life, not your ortho. All the best for your treatment!

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Re: Getting braces for the second time at 25

#3 Post by SinkFullOfDinner »

Hey Kendra
You could probably spend half a day just reading through all of the threads and debates on AW over The Great Metal v Ceramic Debate! There's a LOT that's been said on the topic. But at the end of it, you'd probably still be confused! I think the best advise I'd give is to get a feel for what you think you'd be most confident with, and then just go with your gut. After a couple months, you probably won't care anyway. Most people wind up recommending and being enthusiastic about whichever bracket type they chose, which means you'll be fine either way. It seems when people switch approaches, it's more often from braces to Invisalign or the reverse because they just didn't like something about the original choice, not from metal to ceramic or vice versa. And the Invisalign choice was made for you, which simplifies things!

Good luck! Like I said, you'll be fine either way.

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Re: Getting braces for the second time at 25

#4 Post by PrivatelyE5 »

I was given the choice on Tuesday between metal and ceramic, my Ortho uses Damon brackets and at a glance the metal ones are smaller and a little less bulky. This was confirmed by the tech I spoke to who had ceramic on top and metal on the bottom. Hope that sort of helps.

I've had my upper braces for 48 hours now and no one in my office has noticed the metal brackets because you generally don't speak to people with bared teeth, unless you do...Then go with ceramic maybe, or get help.

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Re: Getting braces for the second time at 25

#5 Post by r1r1r12000 »

Hi Kendra,

Good luck! I had braces for 2.5 years from age 35-37. I went with full metal based on my ortho's recommendation. I had some initial self-consciousness, which most people seem to have regardless of bracket type. After a couple of weeks, I adjusted, and remained comfortable with my choice. The main difference I noticed from my treatment as a kid is that as an adult, when anyone mentioned my braces, which wasn't often, it was always a positive comment. I imagine whatever bracket type you choose, most people you talk to will make you feel good about it.

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Re: Getting braces for the second time at 25

#6 Post by desertd »

Same. Almost 8 months into full metal and only two people outside of family brought them up: one was a coworker after I brought hers up, and the other also was an adult with braces. Both were very positive conversations. Either no one else noticed or they're too polite to bring them up (I'm kind of a quiet person anyway so that might make some difference too). You'll do great!
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