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#1 Post by Jami1 »

In finishing phase and I am not entirely happy with where we are at this point. I still feel that my upper front teeth are not perfectly aligned although ortho and most people say they look great. My front two teeth are very large by comparison to others (sorry don’t know technical names), and the two beside them appear to be a bit behind. I did not have extractions so not too much extra room. My ortho seems reluctant to do IPR although finally Said we would do it at next visit. He is somewhat on the conservative side. I have read multiple studies saying IPR is safe if done properly. I didn’t sign up for this grueling process only to come out with “almost perfect” teeth (yes, I am a tad bit ocd). Thoughts on IPR????

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Re: IPR????!

#2 Post by Mpkh »

I’ve had it done to both my top and bottom incisors and it helped in my situation.

With that said, be aware that IPR does have its limitations.
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Re: IPR????!

#3 Post by cbraces678 »

I've had some IPR done on top and bottom front teeth. It helped me too. I had one tooth that was slightly behind a front one for so long that the gum is weird shaped between the 2 teeth, so IPR is helping bring them together better. I will need more done on a couple teeth likely at some point. My ortho is doing little bits at a time and seeing how it goes, and then more if necessary.

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