No Wire Change?

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No Wire Change?

#1 Post by Seraphina22 »

Hey guys. Since the start of getting braces, it's been 3 months and 3 appointments. I haven't had any wire change at all. In each appointment, the only thing that is done is changing the ligature ties. Is this normal?
Also before braces, I had a slight overbite, now my upper teeth completely covers the lower. Is this just part of the "teeth looks weirder before they look better" as I'm still only in the early aligning part of the braces process?

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Re: No Wire Change?

#2 Post by lildropofsunshine »

I obviously know nothing about your case specifically, but I know that in mine, my ortho said he has to make my overbite worse in order to be able to fix my bite properly at the end.

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Re: No Wire Change?

#3 Post by pcspinheiro »

Early, large movements require weak constant forces. Maybe you're still in that phase where a thicker wire could place too much stress on the teeth? It really depends on your case and how much it the teeth need to move, etc...

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Re: No Wire Change?

#4 Post by md1512 »

There was definitely periods where I had no wire changes between appointments. Also, my teeth absolutely looked worse before they got better! I had huge gaps in to make spaces that I'd never had before, so you might just be in that period

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Re: No Wire Change?

#5 Post by gorillatoad »

I'm no professional, but two things were explained to me. First, there's no harm in keeping the same wire for more than one adjustment if that wire still has work to do. Sometimes just more time is needed. Second, ligatures (the tiny bracket rubber bands, assuming you don't have self-litigating) are part of the applied force and just simply degrade over time, so replacing the ligatures but keeping the wire is something that happens fairly frequently. Hope that info helps.

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