Finishing phase time????

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Finishing phase time????

#1 Post by Jami1 »

I’m curious as to approximate times for “finishing” stage where fine adjustments etc. are made. I have read that the initial alignment phase generally moves fairly quickly around 6-7 months. The second phase or “bite alignment” I believe typically takes the most amount of time. Does anyone have any info on the finishing phase? I know everyone is different and each case is individual, but I am interested in what others have heard!!! My ortho has talked about putting something slight bends in wires to move teeth into a final alignment. Thoughts?????

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Re: Finishing phase time????

#2 Post by Mpkh »

I was in finishing wires for the last 13 months of my treatment. My orthodontist made small adjustments to align my teeth and worked on my bite during those months.
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Re: Finishing phase time????

#3 Post by nybizzle »

My ortho told me that the finishing phase usually takes about 6 months to complete.

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Re: Finishing phase time????

#4 Post by md1512 »

My finishing phase (which is nearly finished) has taken the longest and has been the slowest part, its been a pain getting tiny movements over a couple months!

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Re: Finishing phase time????

#5 Post by jfriend33 »

i spent about 6 months in active retention, iirc after a few adjustments and getting my entire uppers repositioned. For finishing, they did my IPR early on.

My finishing is annoying. They should have removed my molar rings up top a few visits before to let those come forward instead i have had to use minor tooth movement via adjustments in essex aligners.

2 months

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