Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

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Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#1 Post by jamierm »

For those of you who have your braces on...
Is it ok to whiten your teeth with crest white strips BEFORE getting your braces? Or is there no point? Opinions?


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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#2 Post by assertives »

I did that. I didn't think it made much difference. After about 20 months into treatment, my teeth does look kinda yellow, and it's making me worried about finding white squares upon debracing. :lol:

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#3 Post by Teslathecat »

I didn't. I figured once the braces are off I'll just whiten them then. I've had brackets reposition during the treatment and didn't see any white square underneath.

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#4 Post by EllieMilo »

I asked my hygienist and she said to wait until they were off to get the whitening done. She said that it would be a waste of money to do it before since you’ll want to do it again after they are off. I do drink a ton of coffee, tea, and wine though so maybe that’s why! 😂

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#5 Post by lildropofsunshine »

I've heard both do it and don't do it. Since I personally already use whitening toothpaste on a regular basis, my teeth are quite white, so I'm not planning on whitening them beyond that until after I get done with braces, and switch to a regular (not whitening) toothpaste for the duration of my treatment.

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#6 Post by Linline »

I wouldn't bother. Wait until after the treatment's over.

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#7 Post by tlynn »

I’ve had the same question and have been told by plenty to wait!

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#8 Post by kplatt2010 »

Just out of curiosity with the folks who had the whitening professionally done; is it worth it if you love and I mean really love coffee?? I brush my teeth or rinse after coffee but I drink it in the morning and then as a pick-me-up at ~3p to 4pm.

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#9 Post by md1512 »

I'm getting whitening trays but have also wondered this, I drink red wine so wondered how quickly they could stain?

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Re: Whitening your teeth BEFORE braces?

#10 Post by Jami1 »

I am (correction.... WAS) a big red wine/ coffee drinker. Despite this, I Frequently had people tell me how white my teeth were. I occasionally used whitening trays and had a pro whitening done once. Fast forward to ceramic braces....... yuck, my teeth look very yellow to me. (Ligatures stain). I now drink my coffee with a straw and save the red wine till a few days prior to adjustment.... I refuse to drink wine through a straw🤪. Same goes for red sauces, mustard and curry. I did not whiten just prior to braces placed, but I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that as soon as the braces are off, I will be having a professional whitening done. As a consolation, no one besides me seems to notice the yellow teeth but then again, we tend to be our own worst critics! Good luck.

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