Brown spot on tooth. Cavity?

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Brown spot on tooth. Cavity?

#1 Post by AngelCatMei »

Hi guys, I just had my lower right first molar extracted two weeks ago. It was a failed root canal tooth. After extraction, I noticed that there's a brown spot on my last molar. It was not on the chewing surface, it was like in between the first and second molar. But now that the first molar is gone, nothing is blocking the brown spot.

I didn't think much of it TBH. But fews days back I experienced sensitivity/toothache kinda of pain when I apply large amounts of toothpaste directly to that brown spot. It went away after I rinse it out. It didn't hurt when I don't apply toothpaste directly tho.

I asked my dentist about that brown spot, she checked with it with the explorer to find for soft spot but there isn't any. She told me it was something (I couldn't remember the words) but no attention needed for it unless I experience constant toothache. I was wondering if it was an arrested decay.... But, if it was, why is it having toothache pain when i apply toothpaste directly on it?

Sorry, I'm super paranoid. At the age of 22, I'm already lost my first chewing molar due to root canal tooth not healing even after 6 months.... One good news is I'm taking out my braces in about two months!!

I'm super unlucky as my teeth have very deep and narrow groove. Is super hard to clean it well even though I floss, brush, waterpik and mouthwash it.

Here's the recent x-ray 3 months back. The circle area is where the brown spot is at.

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Re: Brown spot on tooth. Cavity?

#2 Post by AndAndAnd »

Hi - probably best just to see your dentist again and get them to clarify it for you.

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