Frequency of lig changes

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Frequency of lig changes

#1 Post by Jami1 »

Does anyone know how the frequency of ligature changes effects progress? My ortho office has said I can come in whenever I feel the need to have ligs changed due to staining. I have read that it takes about 3 weeks for the remodeling process to occur after ligature change.
Does changing every two weeks deter that process.? It would seem that more frequent changes would keep the forces tighter on the wire and in effect make movement faster but I am unsure. With the self lighting brackets, isn’t the force constant ? If so, it would make sense that more frequent ligature changes would actually enhance movement as the ligatures wouldn’t have as much time to get stretched out.

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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#2 Post by Momto5boys »

My ortho has me come in every 4wks.

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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#3 Post by assertives »

I have gone back to my ortho to get my powerchain changed once when a part of it broke 1 week since my last appointment, once when I was 2 weeks in and also a couple of times when I was 5 weeks in when I was not able to get an appointment. My appointments are usually 4 weeks apart. My uneducated guess is while there are some effects to frequent changing of ligatures, they don't make that much difference to the overall treatment.

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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#4 Post by EllieMilo »

My adjustments are also 4 weeks apart.

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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#5 Post by Lovespain5 »

Mine had been changed at each appointment so every 4 weeks too.

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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#6 Post by Nozzelnut »

As little as 2 but usually 4 weeks.
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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#7 Post by Gia »

My appointments have been every 6 weeks for routine adjustments. I have had some ligatures changed in between when brackets needed to be rest. My understanding from my orthodontist is that it's the wire that does the work and the ligatures just keep it in place. I'm guessing changing them more frequently won't make much difference. Also I think the issue of orthodontic force is important, and 2 much can lead to more complications such as root resorption. Faster isn't always better.

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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#8 Post by Speck »

I suspect that each time the arch-wire is replaced, new ligs go in.




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Re: Frequency of lig changes

#9 Post by Mndstevens »

I go every 6 weeks.

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