How does the ortho check bite progression?

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How does the ortho check bite progression?

#1 Post by almost40 »

I am only 2 months into my journey so I haven’t had a lot of visits yet. I am in braces to correct my overbite and overjet. Initially my ortho did the mold of my teeth and bite. But I’m curious, as time passes, how do they check your bite is changing and your teeth are touching in the right spots?

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Re: How does the ortho check bite progression?

#2 Post by AndAndAnd »

I think it’s just by visual checks. I’m not sure if it gets any more scientific than that.

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Re: How does the ortho check bite progression?

#3 Post by djspeece »

Mine placed a piece of carbon paper over the teeth and had me lightly tap tap tap the teeth together.

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Re: How does the ortho check bite progression?

#4 Post by assertives »

Mine does it visually. There is a certain amount of movement he expects to see at the next appointment after each adjustment, and then from there he would make more adjustments based on how my teeth have responded. I think the checking if the bite fits properly only really happens right at the end or towards the end.

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Re: How does the ortho check bite progression?

#5 Post by Speck »

Darned good question! On the one visit to the ortho since beginning treatment it was a visual check. It'll be interesting to see how it goes the next time as my bite is currently wonky; incisors coming together, creating an interference and keeping molars from properly meeting.



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Re: How does the ortho check bite progression?

#6 Post by SDFD TSchott »

Mine have all been visually.


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