What to expect at a first visit

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What to expect at a first visit

#1 Post by Gia »

It's been at least 30 years since I saw an orthodontist. I've made appointments for several consultations. What can I expect. Will I come away with recommendations and specifics?

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Re: What to expect at a first visit

#2 Post by EmilyTravels »

Definitely. I only had one consultation, but that one was quite thorough. The orthodontist examined my mouth, gave recommendations, and gave me an expected treatment time. After he left, one of the office assistants told me the price, payment options offered, and process.

I actually signed a detailed contract that day and made an appointment the following week to have my braces installed. I think most will take x-rays at the initial visit, but I had had just had a panoramic x-ray done by my oral surgeon and had had that sent to the ortho's office in advance. As a result, they did not take more x-rays.

There was no pressure to sign a contract on my consultation day, I should add, but I wanted to get the show on the road and had gotten good recommendations for this ortho.

You'll probably get several different treatment plans and prices since you're going to several different consultations. You will also be able to assess the office "vibe", friendliness of the staff, convenience for you, etc. and make a decision on how to proceed based on all these factors.

Good luck!

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Re: What to expect at a first visit

#3 Post by assertives »

You can expect to get a diagnosis of your case, treatment options/recommendations, along with type of braces you can opt for, estimated treatment duration, and costs. Also, depending on the ortho, some will also send you off for an xray at the first consult.

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Re: What to expect at a first visit

#4 Post by rebyt »

At my first consultation, they took photos, molds of my mouth, and panoramic X-rays, then gave me an explanation of the treatment plan, timeline, cost, etc. It was very informative!

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Re: What to expect at a first visit

#5 Post by Gia »

Thanks. The first is Tuesday, one Wednesday and one the following Tuesday. Excited but apprehensive as well.

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Re: What to expect at a first visit

#6 Post by leprechaun »

I think what most people don't ask is: How to prepare for a consultation?

Does anyone read/study/research any material beforehand? Did that information help you make more informed choices about your treatment? If so, how do you typically go about preparing (whether for an orthodontic or facial/jaw surgery consultation)?

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Re: What to expect at a first visit

#7 Post by SDFD TSchott »

I had braces 10+ years ago and last Monday I'm back in braces.
I actually went to two orthodontists second one was for a second opinion and I thought they were more complete with there examination so I ended up going with them. Anyways what the first Orthodontist did was have me smile, looked inside very briefly and asked what I didn't like about my bite... Told me he can complete my treatment in 12-18 months (Done) His assistant comes back and says 12-18 months is going to cost you 3,300 which we can get started for 100 down and 110 a month. I Asked what type of retainers included in the treatment plan and she said Essix (Clear Retainers) but that is an additional 300 so I told her I would think about it.

2nd Consultation, walked in the Orthodontist introduced herself, asked me some questions about my bite, I told her that my jaw pops often when I yawn or chew (Without an exam immediately thinks it's TMJ which I have been diagnosed with) then exams my mouth, she then has her assistant take a panoramic x-ray and some photos. She comes back with her assistant and also quotes 12-18 months in braces, assistant explains cost and everything included. Cost was for 4,899 but since I had a quote from first Orthodontist for same treatment length they matched there cost of 3,300 however this one includes 0 Down 90/Month and will include Hawley retainers. Also they gave me a big take home bag when treatment started on Monday 08/06/2018.


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Re: What to expect at a first visit

#8 Post by cbraces678 »


Before getting my braces on I went for 2 consultations.

For the first, the ortho's assistant took pictures and talked me through the process. Then, the ortho came in and had a look. He made his recommendations. He either said Invisalign or metal braces with 4 extractions. The assistant came back in and gave me the quote. I was then supposed to return for a more detailed appointment where they would take the X-rays and such (this was an additional cost, not included in my total cost).

The second consultation, the assistant took pictures, all the X-rays (panoramic and skull), and walked me through the process. The ortho then did his look over while looking at the X-rays. His recommendation was no Invisalign, no extractions, and metal braces. This ortho was much more thorough. I felt more confidence in his recommendation because he spent more time with me and looked at the X-rays prior to making any suggestions. I travelled about an hour to meet with him, so he actually offered to squeeze me in and get the braces on that day. I wasn't mentally prepared for that, so I made an appointment for the following week and had them put on a week later! I felt comfortable with this ortho. I was also impressed that they took the X-rays during the free consultation, whereas the other office wanted me to come back in and pay $400+ for the X-rays.

Hopefully that helps. Good luck with your consultations!

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