Over 50, Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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Over 50, Impacted Wisdom Teeth

#1 Post by Chrissy1066 »

Hi everyone,
New to the forum and wanted to say hello. I am 51 years old. My crowded teeth have always made me very self conscious. When I was around 20 I had an orthodontic consult but never followed through with treatment....he wanted to take out 4 impacted wisdom teeth and I was scared to death. I scheduled an appt with an oral surgeon for a consult, while I was in the waiting room, I could hear someone screaming and that was enough for me. I never went through with the braces. Fast forward 30 years....I eventually had two upper wisdom teeth removed. I still have my impacted bottom ones, turned sideways and (knock on wood) have never had an issue with them. I had an oral surgeon tell me that at my age, he wouldn't touch them unless I was having an issue. I'm about to schedule some orthodontic consults and was wondering if any of you have braces with impacted wisdom teeth still in place? Will leaving them in my mouth prevent me from getting braces?

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Re: Over 50, Impacted Wisdom Teeth

#2 Post by Beks »

I have braces and I have partially impacted wisdom teeth on the bottom. They don't bother me, and at this point, the orthodontist and dentist don't see them as an issue as far as having treatment done. I came see them suddenly giving you problems just because you have orthodontic treatment, but I would ask your orthodontist at the consult. Let them know that your regular dentist advised against taking them out, and see if he or she agrees.
Best wishes!


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Re: Over 50, Impacted Wisdom Teeth

#3 Post by AndAndAnd »

Hi - a bit late in responding I know, but I just stumbled across your post.
I too have an impacted wisdom tooth and it has not affected the braces at all. It just meant that it's the only tooth without a bracket glued on. My ortho did consider whether he could raise it out of the gum, but decided against it. This may be a possibility for some? Every dentist I've seen has tried to persuade me to have the impacted tooth removed, but only to save the neighbouring tooth. Like you I have been put off by the negatives... mainly the chance of nerve damage. So for me, I will probably wait it out for as long as possible. But in answer to your question, no it should not affect your chance of getting a brace.

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