Damon braces questions

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Damon braces questions

#1 Post by USNrecruiterguy »

I have had my Damon (self ligating) braces on for 2 weeks and I have just under 5 weeks left before my next appointment. Is it part of the self ligating process that I need to go 7 weeks between tightening or could I ask my orthodontist to shorten the down time? I had pain for about the first week but I haven’t had any this week and I’m just thinking that pain = progress and I’m just ready for those straight teeth

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Re: Damon braces questions

#2 Post by djspeece »

You could ask but I am pretty sure he would tell you that the absence of pain does not mean that progress is not occurring, and to stay the course. There is a risk of root resorption if the teeth move too quickly, as you likely know.
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Re: Damon braces questions

#3 Post by jem »

Movement need not be associated with pain. I had damon braces and only felt a bit of pressure-certainly not pain-after maybe 3 of a dozen or so adjustments.

6 or 7 weeks between adjustments is perfectly normal and your teeth will be moving throughout those weeks even if you are not feeling any pressure or pain. But by all means quiz your ortho as to how your treatment is going and how much movement you can expect between adjustments. I had one particularly stubborn tooth which took a while to get moving.

Good luck for the rest of your treatment.

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Re: Damon braces questions

#4 Post by John427 »

Hello to all the people wearing Damon braces I recently have had Damon braces (not clear) fitted for about a week now and really like the way they fit feel so far quite a bit different from traditional braces that I remember in the past. since I have had traditional braces in my late 20s now 52 I was wondering the long time in between appointments and no molar bands.i have the molars in brackets with the tubes like for headgear. I hope that does not happen at least it was not discussed. But my other question is treatment time I have read anywhere from 12-36 mos I was told 18-24..hoping for the later of those two love to hear from the Damon braces wearers in the forum to get your personal experience so far. Thanks

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