PLEASE HELP! Need advice

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PLEASE HELP! Need advice

#1 Post by JamisonGiles21 »

So I just got a palate/jaw expander, and I can't pronounce most letters. However, at my school, I HAVE A SPEECH CLASS! EVERY DAY! And I have to wear the expander UNTIL THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!
I need a solution for pronunciation, fast. At best, I will have to speak in 2 days. At worst, tomorrow.

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Re: PLEASE HELP! Need advice

#2 Post by jem »

Teachers are mostly human; I reckon a word with your teacher will probably get you excused for a little while. In the meantime get as much practice speaking elsewhere as you can and you will soon be speaking close to normally again.

Good luck!

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Re: PLEASE HELP! Need advice

#3 Post by assertives »

I saw someone on youtube mention that singing helps. Perhaps you could try singing your heart out when you are alone or something? :D

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