Early Braces Removal (Fully Corrected) / Refund?

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Early Braces Removal (Fully Corrected) / Refund?

#1 Post by hereorthere »

So when I first got my teeth examined, I was told that I need 2 and a half year time to correct the slight underbite and make the arch more beautiful. I'm only a year into my correction and was now informed that I will likely be done in another 5-6 months. That's about 1 entire year off of the original estimation, which is an entire year less of orthodontist service. In this case, would it be possible to get a partial refund? I suppose I was charged the price I was charged due to the number of visits/service I was to receive and just didn't find it fair to pay for what I am not going to receive/need. does anyone have a similar experience? or is the contract dead and there's no way to do this?

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Re: Early Braces Removal (Fully Corrected) / Refund?

#2 Post by djspeece »

I suppose you could ask, or just be happy that your treatment ended early. Mine went an extra year for a total of three years, and i didn't pay extra, of course. I suspect your ortho will argue that there's no way to predict the exact length of time and it all evens out in the end, as far as his costs go.

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Re: Early Braces Removal (Fully Corrected) / Refund?

#3 Post by Mpkh »

I don’t think so. You’re charged for the service of having an orthodontist correcting your teeth, not the length of treatment.
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Re: Early Braces Removal (Fully Corrected) / Refund?

#4 Post by strinder »

It would depend on your contract but I think there's no harm in asking. I would assume the answer will be no however.

I personally have paid a fixed price with the assumption that my braces will be done in 2 years. If it's done in less time I continue to pay for the outstanding time, if it's done in more I don't pay extra. Have a look in your contract before you speak to your ortho to see if it says anything there?

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Re: Early Braces Removal (Fully Corrected) / Refund?

#5 Post by DrJasonKTam »

No harm in asking but as stated above, it is going to be dependent on your contract. Most treatments are for the "job done". There are actually a lot of people who are paying more for ways to get their treatment done more quickly. Remember also that in many cases, treatment times and payment plans may not be coupled together. Congrats on getting your braces off!
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