I got braced on only two teeth and the wire isn't connected to anything

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I got braced on only two teeth and the wire isn't connected to anything

#1 Post by NomenHicInserto »

New member here. I'd like your advice. This evening I got braced. My dentist initially told me she'd place brackets on my four upper incisors, but after she placed brackets on my two central incisors, she had a slip while placing a bracket on my one lateral incisor and decided that it wasn't possible to place a bracket at this time because my central incisors are too bent in and first have to be pulled out about. They're not that bad at all, so this is why I'm doubting her. It seems to me she had an accident and decided to just go "f*ck it" and finish up quickly because she had other clients waiting. She didn't even remove the cement she placed on my lateral incisor for the bracket.

My main problem with having only two brackets on my central incisors is the wire. She totally clipped the sides of the wire that they only run through those two brackets and nowhere else. She didn't attach them to the brackets on my molar bands. I'm wondering how in the world they're going to shift without any exterior force. When I asked her how the wire just sitting unpressured behind the brackets is going to be able to push out my incisors, she said it's too complicated to explain and I'd have to be an ortho to understand the process.

This sounds like total BS to me and it seems to me that because her clinic was very busy at the time, she blew me off with a sesame excuse. She told me to "wait and see first" if it will work, wait for THREE months. They look absolutely ridiculous and it completely defies common sense for those two incisors to shift without the wire being attached to somewhere else. My appearance plays a big role in my job, and being fully braced would be okay, but just having two brackets and a short wire running between the two brackets looks moronic. I tried to find pictures and posts of other cases like this online but I couldn't find anything. My MIL sent a picture of my teeth to her ortho and her ortho said there's never a case where this would ever work.

What should I do know? I feel so frustrated and disappointed, and my concerns being blown off by my ortho. I have a palatial expander my mouth, so I feel like she wants me to wait three months so it can expand my arch more, but she just won't be honest about it.

TL;DR: My ortho braced my 2 upper incisors supposedly in order to shift them forward, but she clipped the wire holding the braces, so it's only connected to those two brackets and nowhere else. I feel like I'm being played the fool by my ortho.

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Re: I got braced on only two teeth and the wire isn't connected to anything

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Stupid questions are usually what an orthodontist does best. While orthodontics is both art and science, your ortho should be able to explain why they are doing what they are doing with some element of simplicity. I don't know if you are paying a set fee for your braces or by the appointment, but I would make a separate appointment to have them explain why they are doing what they are doing. If the ortho has no time, often one of the techs knows what's what. Take one of the techs to lunch. :D

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