FAGGA appliance

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#16 Post by smiley1011 »

The dentist is recommending it for my 15 year old son. The dentist himself is wearing the FAGGA appliance. He is an adult. My concern is not, can it be employed in an adult (he has shown me photos of the aesthetic results). My concern is the dental/bite results and the dental safety. There was some one on this site that had this treatment done with a CD advancer (same appliance, different name). I would love to hear from her now that she should be in completion. She was complaining that getting the bite correct was taking a long time.

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#17 Post by smiley1011 »

Charmayl wrote:
Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:56 am
I’m looking at this too. Seems like a direct approach with predictable results but a little uncomfortable with all the hardware.

I am looking for a doctor in the LA area who does this. Where/who is your doctor that presented it to you?

Do you still have room for tongue on Palate with the fagga on?
I am not on the west coast. You can check the LVI website for someone near you.
Yes, I believe you still have room on the palate for the tongue. I also think that tongue training is part of treatment.

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#18 Post by djspeece »

I did a quick search for "CD Advancer" on this site and found some interesting results here: search.php?keywords=CD+advancer+&fid%5B0%5D=13

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#19 Post by 300apm »

smiley1011, do you mind telling me how I can contact the doctor that has provided you with the results you mention?

Since he wears it himself I am very interested in getting into contact with him.

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#20 Post by sophiea07 »

Hi everyone!

I only recently came across the FAGGA appliance. It might be just what I need.

I'm located in Austria & unfortunately haven't found any orthodontists in the area, who offer that technique :(

Does anyone know of a pracitioner in Austria/Germany eventually even UK?
Or is it only offered in AUS/USA?

Thank you!

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#21 Post by davewheeler »

Hey Ya'll. First off I am 31 years old.... I had braces when I was 12-15 years old .... I didn't get my palate expanded, I got my braces off and my teeth regressed a decent amount. I then got Invasalign when I was 30. It worked, teeth were decently straight but, my Dentist said my teeth could not be perfectly straight because there is not enough room in my mouth and my upper jaw is too small. I now suffer from sleep apnea, I wake up at night all weird and disorientated like being choked awake by my tongue, its annoying but I usually can go back to sleep. I am not a dentist but I know my body, 100% my upper palate is too narrow and my upper Maxilla is too far back, I basically pull back my lower jaw to fit the bite, this gives me a double chin.Also, my tongue doesn't fit in my mouth. Anyways, I have been doing extensive research the past month and was incredibly fortunate to stumble upon Dr. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR.'s youtube page. So my question is .... Does the FAGGA appliance widen the upper maxilla, along with move it forward?? Or is there just forward movement? I have been looking at the DNA appliance to Expand the Maxilla, then the FAGGA appliance to push it out.

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#22 Post by Liz1981 »

Which doctor did u find...that info has mysteriously removed and replaced by a weird message. I’m about to get the growth appliance in June.

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Re: FAGGA appliance

#23 Post by Vive18 »

Any updates?

Does anyone know anyone in Melbourne, Australia who does FAGGA?

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