Braces and Face-pulling

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Braces and Face-pulling

#1 Post by Class2Overbite »

Hi all,

I am a new member with a class 2 division 2 malocclusion (deep bite) and I am getting braces put on my top and bottom teeth at a local university in a few weeks. I am not a candidate for Invisalign according to the doctor I saw, and I cannot afford to go to the orthodontist of my choice, so I am going to settle for this.

I have a question regarding braces and face-pulling. I am worried that braces will pull my teeth and lower maxilla backward, but I need the braces to align my bite and improve my smile that shows no teeth because they recline so much. So I am thinking of buying a reverse pull headgear on eBay to using it every night to offset this. But can I simply connect it to my braces with elastics? Is there anything that I should tell the doctor before I have the braces applied?

Thank you in advance for any help,

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Re: Braces and Face-pulling

#2 Post by djspeece »

First, congratulations on your decision to proceed! I would strongly recommend you discuss your therapeutic goals with your orthodontist, and not undertake any self-treatment, especially anything involving head gear, without their approval. I had traditional braces (Damon), but my understanding is that Invisalign is reserved for cases that do not involve radical movements of the teeth -- so it may be that you have nothing to worry about. But please, discuss things with your orthodontist. Tell your doctor everything. Best of luck to you.

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Re: Braces and Face-pulling

#3 Post by assertives »

I agree that you should not treat yourself. Please discuss your plans with your ortho. If I'm not wrong, there are special bands (and hooks?) that comes with the braces for accommodating headgear wear.

That said, headgears are usually used in growing children, so I'm not sure a headgear would make a difference in an adult who has stopped growing though.

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Re: Braces and Face-pulling

#4 Post by Dureena »

What teeth aren't showing when your smile? If your uppers are reclining then he's unlikely to recline them further.
Discuss with your orthodontist about ways to bring the lower jaw forward.

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