Puffy gum, no redness, no bleeding

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Puffy gum, no redness, no bleeding

#1 Post by ywetka »

Hi, I have a problem with front incisor, the problem started several months ago and I'm clueless. One day I realized that gum around front incisor is quite puffy, it's of the same color as gum over other teeth (coral pink), it doesn't bleed and it's a bit sensitive when I press hard on it (gum, not tooth). I thought maybe there still might be some plaque underneath but I visited a dental hygienist and everything stayed the same even after the thorough cleaning, she even said that there's no gingivitis when I mentioned the sensitivity to pressure. This tooth is moving quite a lot these months so often it's a bit wobbly (but only sometimes). It doesn't have a filling, cavity and I'm wearing Invisalign so I have no problem with flossing and brushing properly.
Do you know any idea what it can be? Has someone experience anything similar? Thanks a lot :-)

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Re: Puffy gum, no redness, no bleeding

#2 Post by Beemur »

I have this too! It's been like it for about 4 months, I started Invisalign just over 8 months ago. It's on my left lateral incisor mainly and was slightly my right one. I pointed it out to both my orthodontist and my dentist and they both said that it's because my two lateral incisors are moving so much and they're completely normal and healthy but I was secretly convinced that something awful would show up on my check-up Xray that my ortho did, because I thought surely a weird puffiness isn't that normal so consistently. Nothing showed up and the teeth are normal and fine and of course I was panicking for nothing like always :lol: The right lateral incisor has calmed down now and there's no fatness at all at the gum, left one still seems unhappy but hopefully that goes back to normal once it's as straight as the right.

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