Orthodontic Treatment makes me very miserable! Please help make me feel better :(

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Orthodontic Treatment makes me very miserable! Please help make me feel better :(

#1 Post by Arty »

Hi, I am sorry for grammar/spelling mistakes or if I sound rude. This is not an attention post. I am just asking you to cheer me up. Please. You don't have to, but I would very much appreciate it.I just want to let go of all the thoughts and emotions I have.
I just want to say: I have never thought that a doctor/dentist (whatever he is called) would ever make me THIS miserable. I am close to reaching adulthood and I have no chance YET to reverse all this. I am planning to save up and reverse all the treatment. The treatment interferes with my emotions, thinking and with my life it starts to destroy me internally to the point I am crying at times - I have also been feeling awful over other stuff but the treatment bothers me the more than ever. A few of you might have seen my previous post about me not being happy with the treatment. Don't get me wrong - I love braces - I find them super cute, but the work on it done is... ugh ._____. ( People my age had the treatment cheaper and better and they are extremely happy... Fml, I hate greedy doctors.

So here's the summary:

My parents forced/pressured me to wear braces at the age of 12-13 (as you guessed, I am 17) I was ok about it and I was very young to be even aware of what was going on. I thought my parents chose a very good dentist and I trusted him. I have been wearing braces for 4 years. 4 YEARS! The treatment is still NOT done, the dentist has told me that the treatment is 'done' when there are still gaps and misaligment caused by his lazy work. He also shaved a few teeth of mine and one of them got EXTREMELY sensitive/damaged - He used this drilling machine and my tooth started to hurt like hell. My boyfriend and I went for a second opinion not recently ago and I have been told that the root of that tooth got damaged. I got soooo upset! My parents should have known better before sending me to him. I know I know, I should be "THANKFUL" that I got braces and straighten my teeth. NO. JUST NO! Seriously. I WANT MY FACE BACK AND I DON'T WANT TO BE IN PAIN ANYMORE - INTERNALLY AND PHYSICALLY! My jaw hurts too! I also have this thing where I grind my teeth at night at times and I wake up with headaches. MY JAW ACHES.
I had 4 teeth removed, my face has been damaged - sunken cheeks, longer ish nose, thinner lips and longish kinda face without any width. My face used to be rounder and cuter :( I used to love myself and how I looked! I know that my looks shouldn't be the most important thing in life... But I feel like an old person! My mouth is sunken in to the point when I smile, it looks small and I have my upper jaw visible and my teeth sunken in ! My smile used to be sooooo much bigger, and brighter! Now I have to stretch my smile a lot to get that result - my smile is barely visible and looks fake .___. ! I used to have a bigger chin before, but after getting adjustments done at the age of 15, my chin 'shrunk'. My nose is slightly tipping downwards. Before I turned 17 my upper lips just *Poof*
My parents are like "you're fine". I am sorry, no offense, but I appreciate the fact that they paid for this SHIZ! But not to the point to ignore what I am saying! I am the one who is affected! I don't want to feel like this anymore... I miss my old face.... and I don't want my teeth to be in pain and neither my jaw... My jaw feels exhausted a lot too. It's a long story... It's not as bad, but if this does not get fixed any time soon, things will get worse I am very sure of it. I very much appreciate the money spent on the treatment, but I wish my parents were more careful at what they were doing. They only knew that my dentist did something wrong when it was apparently TOO LATE. And we cannot afford to fix now.

Long story short, even though I have all these problems, I haven't had all these adjustments in a while annnnnnnd my jaw improved a bit aethetically! I felt slightly happy about it, but I am gonna keep hoping to find someone in my country who can do this... Trusting a doctor in my country is a very big challenge. I might even travel to get this all fixed. Not joking.

I am sorry for ranting, but I really needed to let go of my emotions and thoughts. People think I am crazy but I see all this in front of me. If any of you got your orthodontics reversed, please tell me your results... Thank you x

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Re: Orthodontic Treatment makes me very miserable! Please help make me feel better :(

#2 Post by Bracingmyself901 »

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Yes one should be "thankful" that their parents could afford and choose to pay for braces to straighten teeth, but it is NOT okay that the results are causing you pain both emotionally and physically. Have you actually talked to your dentist about what is going on? You're young, but this is an appropriate time to start speaking up for yourself and about your concerns.

1. 4+ years is too long, what is the dentist excuse for not being able to achieve results in a reasonable time frame (~24-30months)
2. Have you talked to your dentist about pain? This is something serious and can potentially only get worse, which brings me to point 3;
3. Have you gotten an x-ray in the last year or so? I would press your dentist to do this, to make sure everything is fine with your roots etc
4. A short term solution to the teeth grinding is that they make mouth guards for individuals in braces, maybe you should buy one (they are cheap at least in the US) and wear it at night?
5. I see you spoke to a second dentist and they gave you the opinion that the extractions shouldn't have been performed etc, have you brought this up with the current dentist? You should bring this to their attention and ask where the treatment will go from here to rectify the situation

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Re: Orthodontic Treatment makes me very miserable! Please help make me feel better :(

#3 Post by Ziggy »

So sorry you are going through all this. I'm wondering if some of the things you are describing are due to stress and anxiety. Tensing up can make your jaw, and other parts of your body really, really achy. Stress and anxiety will often cause weight loss which can lead to some of the things you are seeing in the mirror, not to mention depression. I'm not making excuses for your dentist, and yes, you've been in braces for longer than most, but as the other poster said, it's time for you to stand up for yourself and have a talk with your parents and your dentist. Tell them you are very happy they had the wherewithal to get you your braces but you need to tell them how you feel and that you are disappointed with the results. You need to tell your dentist that you are not pleased with the results so far, and ask him/her why you are seeing these negative changes and how much longer he/she expects you to be in treatment. Most of us are given an estimate as to how long we will be in braces, and with few exceptions those estimates are pretty damn close to our treatment times. Also, if some of your problems are due to stress you are going to have to learn to relax. I often meditate when I have any kind of medical procedure that bothers me, like an orthodontic adjustment. Also, things like meditation are cumulative, so the more you do it the better you feel overall.

I sincerely believe if you have a calm, serious talk with your parents and your dentist you will feel better and have an idea of what's going to happen moving forward. Sounds like finding good dentists and orthodontists is hard where you live, but if you don't like the answers you get you're going to have to get a second opinion. You also may want to talk to your regular doctor about your depression -- just saying. Of everything you've described, regardless of the reason, depression is the worst. Hang in there.

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Re: Orthodontic Treatment makes me very miserable! Please help make me feel better :(

#4 Post by embracethebraceface »

I am so sorry you experienced this. That's awful. Have you spoken with your parents about possibly transitioning you to a different orthodontist or communicating with the orthodontist to relay what you're experiencing? It seems like it's time to say something or do something about this faulty work. I hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel and your problems get resolved. You are right to feel angry, frustrated, upset, etc... Rant away. I completely understand and sending sympathy your way!

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