My teeth itch

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My teeth itch

#1 Post by Bracefacemom47 »

That's all. Lol 2 days in. They don't hurt. Just itch. Weird. Lol

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Re: My teeth itch

#2 Post by 2Low4U »

Same Here,Mine will itch too, be off and on over the past few weeks.
You will also have Days one tooth will hurt for a couple of days and some all of my teeth will hurt, it is really Weird.
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Re: My teeth itch

#3 Post by jfriend33 »

Can't say I have never had that sensation. Sounds to me like you should chew some gum carefully. Yes the studies are split 50-50 however I have found it eases any discomfort or strange feelings with braces just be careful

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Re: My teeth itch

#4 Post by assertives »

I had the same itchy pain feeling in a couple teeth after my appointments too. They go away a few days later on their own.

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Re: My teeth itch

#5 Post by Ziggy »

Well, this is a new one on me. You might try some mouthwash especially made for braces. Most of these things come and go.

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Re: My teeth itch

#6 Post by djspeece »

I think this sensation is due to the healing process that accompanies the stretching movement of ligaments as your teeth move. Many people report a similar sensation with broken bones as they begin to heal. Probably not much you can really do about it other than try not to think about it (i.e., do something to distract yourself) and recognize that it is a good sign!

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Re: My teeth itch

#7 Post by Bracefacemom47 »

Thanks. I've had no hurt pain so far, just itching inside my teeth. So weird. I just rub my tongue along them or bite down. That helps. I have bite blocks in my molars and they are driving me nuts! I can't chew my food very well and i have a gastric bypass and my food needs to be chewed well. I'm going to talk to my ortho about it on Wednesday and what we can do. My molar brackets are pinching my right cheek while i sleep and making it raw. Not something wax can help. My teeth are more uncomfortable today at 26 days. No pain no gain! ;)

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Re: My teeth itch

#8 Post by Bracingmyself33 »

So glad that I'm not alone!

I do experience itching from time and time and I'll guide my tongue behind those teeth. Sometimes I literally scratched those teeth's behind! :lol:

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