Impacted tooth, transpalatal arch?

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Impacted tooth, transpalatal arch?

#1 Post by aralk » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:34 am

I've just consented to a treatment plan to pull down two of my teeth (they were kind of pushed aside by an odontome I had removed a while back). These are my canine and the one next to it. At the moment I wear a partial denture, and I'm terrified as I've been told I won't be able to wear it during the treatment as it would obstruct the teeth being pulled down.
I've come to accept this as I thought braces might hide most of it, but on the form they gave me where I consented to treatment it said the first step would be placing a transpalatal arch on.
I didn't really ask questions because it was the end of my appointment, but after looking it up online I've become really panicked as it seems to hook onto the same teeth that my denture does. Does this mean I'll have to have gaps while waiting for the surgery? I was always told I'd only have gaps after the surgery (with braces) so I'm really confused.
Is it possible to have a removable transpalatal arch that I can wear at night whilst wearing the denture during the day?
+ is a transpalatal arch absolutely necessary because I'd never heard of it before... What does it even do??
Is there a particular length of time you have to have it on for?

I understand you'll probably say ask my dentist, but my next appointment is the one where they said they'd be literally putting it on/fitting it, and I've already signed a form consenting to the treatment :(
I want to know if I have to make adjustments to my denture beforehand, and if that way I'll be able to wear both

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Re: Impacted tooth, transpalatal arch?

#2 Post by assertives » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:45 pm

I'm afraid most of us here would not be able to really answer those questions as they are specific questions pertaining to your treatment plan that is indicated for your specific case.

You should give your ortho a call regarding those exact questions and also ask if there are any adjustments or preparations you need to make regarding the dentures before going in for the appointment.

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Re: Impacted tooth, transpalatal arch?

#3 Post by Bracingmyself901 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:41 am

First off gaps are sometime just apart of the game (both before and after surgery). Yes they might feel like the end of the world, but you’ll get used to it and it’s only temporary!

This is obviously something you should address with your doc for your specific case, but I think I can answer more general questions.

Removable TPAs exist, but recognize that is going to only draw out your treatment time (and that’s only if your ortho makes it an option available to you.)

It’s usually used for molar stability. Molars are the largest and the strongest, so when forced is applied in the form of braces, the molars may apply unwanted pressure to other teeth or they might rotate in an unwanted fashion etc. In order to avoid that they may use the TPA to keep them in place and stable. In your case you’re pulling 2 canines down likely a cm or two if they are partially or fully impacted, which requires a solid amount of force, which may worry your dentist about molar stability, so he/she opted to include the appliance in your treatment.

Length of time is dependent on each case. You can see in the impacted canine thread some people are quicker than others.

Movement can happen 24/7 depending on what phase you are in during bone remodeling, so it’s optimal to have appliances such as one that is needed for stability on all day as you can imagine and as I would assume (should say that I’m not an orthodontist! But have really got into the research and science of the field since getting braces on plus I am in research/medicine myself)

You need to be upfront and communicative with your dentist about your concerns about gaps, timing, removability etc to ease your fear.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Impacted tooth, transpalatal arch?

#4 Post by aralk » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:33 am

Thanks both of you! I definitely understand more why a TPA is needed.

bracingmyself901, do you know why they'd put a TPA on before the actual exposing/braces etc. when the actual force will be applied? Because I'm on the waiting list, so there will be a significant gap between when I have the TPA and when I have the braces and surgery. Or maybe this session is just a fitting for a TPA?

Sorry I'm asking all these questions, I know I should be asking my dentist but there are a few reasons why I can't
- They don't pick up the phone. I'm having it done in a busy NHS hospital and they never pick up or answer me, so I can only talk to them during the appointment.
- Each appointment is very rushed because it's this massive room with lots of patients in cubicles and the supervising prof/dentist is on a rotating schedule, so it always feels time pressurised and whenever I ask a question they always look so frustrated because they always seem to be behind schedule lol

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