New to rubber bands- question

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New to rubber bands- question

#1 Post by Dreamawake719 »

Hi everyone, I am new here and am hoping to get some feedback on experiences with rubber bands. This is my second time having braces, but my first time having rubber bands. I am 2 months into treatment with Damon braces. I had my first visit to the orthodontist a couple of days ago since having them put on, and was given rubber bands to wear at all times minus when eating or cleaning (correcting an overbite).

Last night, and even more so today, the rubber bands seem significantly tighter on my right side, like there is a lot more resistance than on the left side. It almost feels like I have the bands on the wrong teeth, but I don't. This is only my third day with the rubber bands and I have no idea if this is normal. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: New to rubber bands- question

#2 Post by Ziggy »

Your ortho may not place your elastics evenly, depending on what they are trying to accomplish. Towards the end of my treatment my bands were offset so one side was showing and the other side was not. People kept asking if I screwed up but my ortho assured me that was what he wanted. I thought it was weird, too, but everything came out just fine in the end.

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Re: New to rubber bands- question

#3 Post by dianaioanab »

Yea, it happened to me too, for some reason it felt way tighter on my left side. And not only that, but you could clearly see that that rubber band had gotten bigger/looser compared to the one on the other side. However now the feel and look the same (6 weeks later).

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Re: New to rubber bands- question

#4 Post by wallywal »

I had the same problem, in my case it was because my bite was more open on one side than the other so the bands were putting more force on that side side than the other

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Re: New to rubber bands- question

#5 Post by barneypit1974 »

had the same thing mine was because my teeth on one side were farther forward

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