Bite turbos

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Bite turbos

#1 Post by Collie »

So yesterday I got my palate expander out (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and just when I thought I was home free and ready to go to snack town and you know, able to speak normally again, they put these little blue bite turbos on the insides of my molars. I honestly didn't even know what they were before yesterday. I am having so much trouble chewing! My molars don't touch on either side (i realize that's the point haha) and they just feel so weird. And give me a really embarassing lisp. I asked my ortho how long they'd be in for and she said they would naturally wear down on their own as my teeth moved. Tips for dealing with these? Or will I just get used to them like every other weird device they've put in my mouth. How long did you have to wear them for/how long until they "wore down"? What are the chances of them popping out? Thanks friends.

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Re: Bite turbos

#2 Post by sacktheqb65 »

I had bite turbos in my first go around with braces... mine were actually huge mounds on the backs of my top front 2 teeth. That was absolute torture and I thought I had made a mistake... I never didn't mind them but they sucked less after a few weeks and the Dr took them off about 3 months in.
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Re: Bite turbos

#3 Post by Tyrantblade »

I had them for quite a while, and every time they wore down the Ortho would build them back up or something and then ot sucked for a while again, i think it was 7 or 8 months until i got to not have them anymore.
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Re: Bite turbos

#4 Post by Natrapx »

You'll get used to them pretty quick. I had them put on day 1 - two weeks ago.

Day 1-3 were absolute hell, but now i'm fine with them. Never really bother me now

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Re: Bite turbos

#5 Post by ExiaUnicorn »

Same as the the other person said, they are absolutely horrible and pure torture at first but then you get used to them. You just have to adapt to a new way of eating. I've had them on for two weeks! :D

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Re: Bite turbos

#6 Post by strinder »

You definitely get used to them.

I got mine on when I first got my braces attached as my canine was hitting the bracket on the tooth below. I even found it quite satisfying squeezing my molars down and knowing they were get smaller. I've not had mine replaced since and they've worn down so it's all back to normal.

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Re: Bite turbos

#7 Post by liannes »

i got mine on. And i didnt know my dentist was putting it, till he asked me to close my mouth. I as enjoying food the evening later. Food > pain.
But i felt my adjacent teeth somehow became shorter O_O

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Re: Bite turbos

#8 Post by ProudMama1015 »

Bite turbos are also known as bite blocks, correct?

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