Graduation Day!

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Graduation Day!

#1 Post by djspeece »

To set the proper mood, please turn your speakers on and go to in a separate window (hold the control key as you hit the URL). :lol:
My orthodontic adventure begin in 2012, when at the ripe age of 62 I had a crown that went bad due to poor technique from a previous dentist, and it had to be extracted. My new dentist, Stacia Krantz, indicated that I had two options: have an implant, or get braces. Cost would be about the same, but she made a strong case for the many additional benefits of braces. I didn't have a lot of cosmetic issues (well, if you met me in person you might disagree, but I am talking mainly dental issues here) but the burden of evidence indicated that braces would be the best option. I needed an additional extraction and a bone graft, and then was braced in October of 2012. I was not one of those good patients who immediately embraced (get it?) the idea of orthodontics, but I was committed now and I had a treatment plan of 24 months.
Early on I stumbled across this site, in the depth of despair (I am a bit overly dramatic, I suppose) wondering if there any others out there who somehow elected to get braces as adults. I was convinced that I was the only one, or one of the few who did not have a career in the movies or modeling. Imagine my relief when I discovered this place!
Along the way I fell deeply in love with a wonderful woman who was on this forum, and as it turned out lived in the local area! Yay! Suddenly braces seemed like a good thing. We had a wonderful relationship, and while we are no longer together she will always remain as one of the most significant people in my life and of course she is doing great now. She was debraced shortly after we meet in 2013.
My course of orthodontics was an adventure, just like yours. First issue, my bones are very dense so some gaps were very slow to close. My orthodontist, Dr. Andrew Schwartz (Capitol Orthodontics in DC and MD) used a variety of torture devices to get them closed -- powerchains, elastics, closing coils, Propel therapy. Uggh. As my two year anniversary approached, I knew deep down inside that I was nowhere near finished. Of course Dr. Schwartz would not definitively comment on when the end might occur -- "You're a little behind schedule but things are going well" sorts of comments. After the third year, they came off in 2015. What a relief! I made it and so will you)! Since then I have been first in an Essex retainer, and finally the Vivera retainers which I love. Dr. Schwartz wanted to follow me for a year after I finally got the Viveras, which ended yesterday, July 20!
I need to continue to wear them at night for the rest of my life. After braces, that is not a problem.
All this is to say -- hang in there, keep your eye on the prize, and you will get to the end just like the rest of us. I will continue to hang around here to offer support, encouragement, kicks in the pants, and unsolicited advice as usual. :gavel: Best of luck to all of you!

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Re: Graduation Day!

#2 Post by Heartofdarkness »

That's great to hear! Love the music in the background as well. :lol:

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Re: Graduation Day!

#3 Post by strinder »

Congratulations!!! (I listened to the music all the way through reading your post)

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Re: Graduation Day!

#4 Post by ray1234 »

Grats, nice to hear. The Music is also very good :D

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