Brushed gum away

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Brushed gum away

#1 Post by BraceEmilyB »

So lately I have been noticing that on one of my teeth the gum has been brushed away
Is there anyway of getting this gum to grow back or is it gone forever :-+ :jump:

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Re: Brushed gum away

#2 Post by braces101 »

Why do you say it has been "brushed away"? Are you sure it is not just gum recession? If it is gum recession, it it unlikely it will just grow back. You should probably get an opinion from your orthodontist or dentist and they will send you to a periodontist if they think it is bad enough. A periodontist will do gum grafting if it is severe or bothers you enough. If you are young, most gum problems can be stopped or slowed with just better oral hygiene/flossing/waterpik/etc but there is also a genetic component to gum recession. Again, probably best you get a professional opinion. It is probably nothing to worry about but these things are easiest to resolve when approached early. Hope this helps.
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Re: Brushed gum away

#3 Post by FlyByNight »

I've always been a heavy brusher. When I was young I didn't brush with a certain technique so I damaged my front gums a bit. I worried it would get worse with braces but it actually got better after they were taken off. It was easier to floss and I adjusted to brushing normally again. My gums are definitely better than they were before braces. They weren't horrible or even really an issue but I was worried that it would get worse. Luckily I started to reverse it. To some degree, it is possible. I even did some coconut oil pulling and it made my teeth whiter, but no changes in the gums yet.

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