Cost of your braces

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Cost of your braces

#1 Post by BraceEmilyB »

So I live in the UK and I am 17 so I get my braces free on the NHS
I know some people in this group live in America and other country's so i was wondering how much money you have had to spend on getting your teeth fixed

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Re: Cost of your braces

#2 Post by throne »

My total came out to $5400 -- very glad my insurance is covering it! Phewf.

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Re: Cost of your braces

#3 Post by Momto5boys »

Mine cost $3500. My insurance doesn't cover them so it's all out of pocket. Had to put $500 down and paying $120/mo.

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Re: Cost of your braces

#4 Post by strinder »

I live in the UK as well but as I'm 24 mine cost £4,700 for ceramic braces and if I went for Damon clear it would have been £5,200!

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Re: Cost of your braces

#5 Post by stellarxoxo »

$4880 in Canada. I have no insurance so i pay out of pocket. 1000 down, 130/month.

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Re: Cost of your braces

#6 Post by BlondeCam »

$2300 in US for a "simple case- retreat"

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Re: Cost of your braces

#7 Post by Mpkh »

$6995 in Canada. My insurance covered $3000, so I was responsible for the other $3995. I opted to pay upfront for the 7% discount. I ended up paying $3715.35.
Braced: April 07, 2017
Debraced: February 08, 2019
Sentence: 18-24 months
Actual time in braces: 22 months and 1 day
Reason: Straighten teeth, correct crossbite and edge-to-edge bite

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Re: Cost of your braces

#8 Post by Natrapx »

28 years old in the UK - Damon Clear go on tomorrow. Costing £3650 with a 10% discount (so about £3250) for signing up to the dentists plan (2x Normal visits and 2x hygienist, emergency treatment etc.) at £14.99/month. Basically that's free for two years with the braces cost :D

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Re: Cost of your braces

#9 Post by Bbyrd »

$4700, $850 down, $215/mo and insurance will pay &1500

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Re: Cost of your braces

#10 Post by BrunetteMoment »

$6500 in western Canada. Damon metal. Insurance is paying $2500 so the rest is out of pocket.
Damon Metal. 18 months.
Fixing: Overbite, overjet, crowding.



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Re: Cost of your braces

#11 Post by cauchy »

$5300 in Canada for ceramic uppers and metal lowers.

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Re: Cost of your braces

#12 Post by Jibbers »

35 years old, live in the southern US, 27 month estimated treatment time. Total cost $5800, insurance covered $2000. Paid $1000 down and $100/mo for 28 months.

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Re: Cost of your braces

#13 Post by cmatthews26 »

Excluding the fees for my extractions and x-rays .. the total for my braces came to $5800. I live in Ontario as well.

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Re: Cost of your braces

#14 Post by Tinman80 »

$4,978 in the Philadelphia suburbs. They waving my down payment since my insurance doesn't cover adult braces. My treatment will most likely be 24 months but they are willing to let payments go beyond my removal to keep my payments low.

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Re: Cost of your braces

#15 Post by 2Low4U »

$7200 For all hardware

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