How long?

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How long?

#1 Post by WanderingWallflower »

Hi guys, I am getting fully braced at the top on Tuesday and was wondering if anyone could please give me an estimate as to how long I can expect this process to take? Thanks!!

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Re: How long?

#2 Post by Munziez »

At most 20 minutes once you get in the chair. Process requires a clean, a quick dry, glue application, bracket placement, curing, and finally ligatures and wire.

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Re: How long?

#3 Post by ElizabethMae »

I think it can really depend on the office. Getting my top braces on lasted 2.5 hours because the office was busy and my Ortho was working on multiple patients whenever the techs were ready for him. My bottom braces went on in about 1.5 hours.

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Re: How long?

#4 Post by Evostevo »

I only have top braces at the moment but it only took between 20-30 minutes to get all of the hardware secured onto my choppers. I was amazed at how quick it went.

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Re: How long?

#5 Post by Tyrantblade »

They took about 2 hours to put my braces on top and bottom.
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Re: How long?

#6 Post by Momto5boys »

Took about an hour for me to get my tops and bottoms on.

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Re: How long?

#7 Post by Aaeolien »

30 minutes for the top and 30 minutes for the bottom. 2 separate apppointments. In and out.

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