Your jail sentence

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Re: Your jail sentence

#16 Post by BraceEmilyB »

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Braced on 25th January 2017
Estimated time - 18 months

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Re: Your jail sentence

#17 Post by stellarxoxo »

18-22 months.

Got them off a day shy of 15.

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Re: Your jail sentence

#18 Post by Natrapx »

12-18 months quoted by the dentist. Seems really short for some reason compared to other people on here, especially as some have less movement then me! But it's Damon, and they are supposed to be quicker :S

Just as long as they are good for the wedding in 2019!

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Re: Your jail sentence

#19 Post by Bracingmyself33 »

Sentence - 24 to 30 months.

13 months down. 11 to 19 months to go. :jump:

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Re: Your jail sentence

#20 Post by miluti »

18-24 months was the initial estimate. I have a huge gap to close on the top right; once that's done, it's just some "fine tuning". Hoping it's closer to the 18 months than the 24... :wink: 10 months in so far! :mrgreen:

- TL canine pulled approx 1998 (childhood)
- BL canine pulled Dec 2004 (adolescent)
- 4 impacted WT pulled Dec 2004 (adolescent)
- Braced (damon, top and bottom) Sep 2016
- BR canine pulled Feb 2017
- TMJ issues Mar 2017
- TR canine pulled Jun 2017
- TR extraction gap FINALLY closed July 2018
- Set to debond on Sept 21, 2018! :jump:


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Re: Your jail sentence

#21 Post by cauchy »

My estimate was 24 months, but I'm hoping I might be able to shave off a month or two!

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Re: Your jail sentence

#22 Post by BrunetteMoment »

Estimated was 18 months, but I had them taken off for 3 weeks at the 6 month mark for my wedding in Mexico. My orthodontist estimated and extra 3 months tacked on for the 3 weeks out of braces.
Damon Metal. 18 months.
Fixing: Overbite, overjet, crowding.



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Re: Your jail sentence

#23 Post by Jibbers »

27 months.. currently 3 days in...

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Re: Your jail sentence

#24 Post by Amybraces »

mine is about 15 - 18!!!! I thought i would have to have them on alot longer!!

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Re: Your jail sentence

#25 Post by ProudMama1015 »

24 months is my sentence

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Re: Your jail sentence

#26 Post by Michi0330 »

24 months for me. 4 months in.

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Re: Your jail sentence

#27 Post by sacktheqb65 »

Today is day one of 16- 20 months... based on most people's stories I'm betting 20 or maybe 24... :(
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Re: Your jail sentence

#28 Post by NikNax »

Sentence: 20 months
Braced: Nearly three months

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Re: Your jail sentence

#29 Post by cmatthews26 »

Sentence was 18-24 months.

I am currently on month 14.

Fingers crossed that I only have 4 more months to go instead of 10+. :(

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Re: Your jail sentence

#30 Post by Skullzrulerz »

Estimated 30 Months For Me :O A very long time..And just started with about 3 days

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