earlier adjustment?

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earlier adjustment?

#1 Post by simskassi »

wondering if I asked for my braces to be tightened before my scheduled appointment if they would do it? my teeth aren't sore anymore and I want this to go by as quick as possible.

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Re: earlier adjustment?

#2 Post by Prometheus »

No, they will not do it. Your teeth continue to move after the pain subsides from an adjustment. You can do serious damage to your teeth and jaw bone by applying too much force, notably root resorption and even osteonecrosis of the bone. Orthodontics is a slow and deliberate process, having patience is important to get it done correctly and safely.
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Re: earlier adjustment?

#3 Post by Synergy91 »

I would like them to move my teeth down as well currently, not feeling any pressure on my top central incisors teeth, its very annoying because they stick out and they are tipped forward. I will see my orthodontist in next month. But would rather go sooner like you.

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Re: earlier adjustment?

#4 Post by Mpkh »

Nope. Your orthodontist adjusts your braces accordingly, so that your teeth doesn't move too much too fast. Have patience!
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