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#1 Post by claribeary »

Sorry for creating another thread for this.. I hope it's okay? I just had a question about spacers specifically. I've had mine on for 10 days now and will be wearing them until the 22nd of May when I get my braces on. The reason my ortho put the spacers in so early was because she had no idea exactly when I'd be getting my braces fitted and she just kinda went ahead with it. So now I figure I'll be wearing them for a month, which seems really excessive. Is this a problem? Like, I've read horror stories about spacers being left in too long and becoming embedded into the gums.

Another thing is this - I've experienced zero pain with them. And i mean zero. At first, they were really really annoying, but that was just it. I hated that springy, rubbery feeling I got from biting down on them, but otherwise they didn't cause pain or anything, which is really weird because i know for a fact that one of them is wedged in between 2 molars, one of which has a cavity that I need to get sorted out. It seems to me that the spacer would cause pain, especially since there's a cavity in that tooth? But no.

Everyone says spacers hurt like hell and I'm just worried that they don't hurt for me? That seems like a really thing to worry about i know, but I just thought i'd post to see if anyone had some answers for me lol.

The other thing is I've noticed that the gum on the other side, behind my last molar, where my wisdom tooth used to be, is sore as hell. I'm not sure if this is related to the spacer in any way, like, is the spacer pushing my last molar into the gum behind it?

Any ideas?

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Re: Spacers

#2 Post by bretthov »

I wont have to wear them for a month, bit I was told by my ortho that I'd need to have spacers in for 2 weeks as my molars were really tight and that more time was needed to make the space necessary to get two bands side by side. She said some people only wear them for a week, but adults tend to have them on longer.

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Re: Spacers

#3 Post by bracinglp »

My ortho said that I would have spacers for about a week (around crowns if that makes any kind of difference?) and then have molar bands put on.

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