Question about Final Stages

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Question about Final Stages

#1 Post by kcjawjourney »

Hello, everyone! I am 30 year-old with clear self-ligating braces on top, metal self-ligating on bottom. I'm also a little over 3 months post-double jaw surgery.

At my last ortho appointment, my orthodontist said as long as my elastics worked as they should (I've been wearing them diligently, as instructed), I should be ready to get my braces off after my next appointment. In fact, the assistant showed that my next appt. was coded "Check for Removal."

My question is for anyone who's already debraced, or has at least gotten a debrace date. How long after your ortho said your braces were ready to come off were you able to actually get them off, or at least schedule removal? I know it varies person-to-person, but I've read about some people getting molds for their retainer first, and then waiting for those to be finished...and I've seen others who were able to schedule it as soon as the ortho had slots available....Just curious to see what everyone else experienced.

I'm currently in triangle elastics on each side for 12 hours/day (to get my bite "socked in," whatever that means), and an elastic that goes from my canine to my first molar on the left side for 24 hours (to move my midline). I'm also in upper and lower power chains to close any remaining gaps. I've been in "finishing wires" since 4 weeks post-op.

I'd love to hear your experiences!

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