Day 1 of Many

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Day 1 of Many

#1 Post by SummerPhoto87 »

This post is in hopes of not only introducing myself, but also to hopefully get an 'adult braces' survival guide from all of you that know this path well.

A little bit of backstory, I got braces when I was in sixth grade. Unfortunately my ortho wasn't the best. He extracted several 'baby teeth' with what I describe as the 'sickle from the USSR'. No pain reliever, no warning, no real technique. (which I realize now) And as I bled into my mouth, he told me to swallow my own blood since it's 'natural'. No rinse, no suction. Needless to say my braces weren't much better. After dropping a ton of weight because I couldn't eat, and bordering on malnourishment, my parents were told to have my braces removed. So they did. And shortly after my ortho lost his license. Rightfully so.

That trauma convinced me not to pursue braces again for a long time and it was never much of an issue. When it became an issue, society thinking my teeth needed fix, I was financially on my own and not in a place to pay for the kind of treatment I needed.

Fast forward to now, I'm 29 and work in a dental office doing billing. I was hesitant to take the job because of my smile but couldn't turn down a desk job that would allow me to start saving money and hopefully make improvements to the one thing I'm self conscious about. The job has been my saving grace. Not only has it quelled my dental anxiety because I know the dentist well, but it's also made my treatment a lot less expensive. And since I work at a dental office, I was able to get an excellent referral and my ortho offered me half off because I'm an excellent reference for her.

My case is severe. Severe to the point that my treatment is 24 months. I have all metal brackets except for my front six which are ceramic. (an agreement we made during the consult) #7 and #10 are pushed back to the point of not being seen when I smile. I have supernumerary teeth. And on top of that, I've had 6 teeth pulled already and my crowding is still severe. My ortho informed me she doesn't see too many cases with my level of crowding, and it was impossible for her to imagine how crowded my mouth would have been with the 6 still intact.

Thankfully my ortho is fantastic and had made it clear that I'm an adult. She's not aiming for perfection because in my mouth it's probably not possible. (the teeth I've had extracted were extracted to make space, not so much with the thought of perfect alignment through braces) But she's made it clear to me that she's going to get my teeth straight with ample contact between arches. Unlike other orthos she hasn't pushed me into breaking my jaw to realign it, or having 3 more teeth pulled (she's keen on keeping everything we can) and she didn't talk to me like a child.

So here I am, day 1, with braces on for a second time in my life. But this time I have full faith it's going to be amazing at the end of these two and a half years, and I am so very thankful to have found a community with other adults who understand this process.

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#2 Post by erin5550 »

Holy smokes! Sounds like your first experience was a disaster. I can't imagine going through a traumatic experience like that and taking a chance again, but it sounds like your ortho is great. Here's to a better time this go around.

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#3 Post by djspeece »

Congratulations, and that is quite a story. So glad you are now on the correct path. I also had a 24 month treatment plan that stretched to 36 because of some reluctant gaps, due to my bone density. I've been out of braces for a year and a half, and wear a Vivera retainer only at night now. It was worth it on several levels and you will do great. It's a bit of an adjustment for the first month (as you have doubtless read here) but at some point you go brain dead and just don't care about it. At least I did. You are in the perfect work environment as well so that is a huge plus. Best of luck to you!

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. -- Buddist saying

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#4 Post by Heidirs »

Oh, man. I can't believe the traumatic experience you went through. Way to go at giving it a second chance.

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#5 Post by SummerPhoto »

I somehow managed to lock myself out of my previous account so now I'm back with a slightly modified name. Whoopsies.

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#6 Post by BlondeCam »

Dang! That sounds horrible. :shock: Glad you're in a place where you're comfortable to get your teeth fixed. Good luck :D

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#7 Post by fvalentine1709 »

omg. I am soooo happy for you finally doing the treatment. Did she suggested a palate expander? Did you talked about it?

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#8 Post by bretthov »

best wishes for a uneventful treatment and that it corrects everything well!

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Re: Day 1 of Many

#9 Post by SummerPhoto »

[quote="fvalentine1709"]omg. I am soooo happy for you finally doing the treatment. Did she suggested a palate expander? Did you talked about it?[/quote]

She did not. She thinks I'll have enough space with my wisdom teeth now gone and expanding using springs and the like.

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