First Ortho Appointment

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First Ortho Appointment

#1 Post by katiedominique6 »

Hi guys!

I'm new here and still coming to grips with everything but I wanted to make my first post. I've wanted braces for a long time, but only in the past couple of months decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I've just turned 22 and my teeth have been moving and getting more crooked as I've aged. My orthodontists also puts his prices up for people aged 23+ so I thought I better do it now! My two front teeth over lap, and my bottom teeth are generally just a bit over crowded and crooked. I thought I had an over bite but the ortho has told me it's actually an over-jet and my bite is pretty good, only a little bit off.

I've been told I'll need braces for 12 months and will have to wear elastics for 4 of the months day and night, and then switch to just wearing them at night for how ever long needs be. I'm from the UK and this is all in all going to cost £2,535.00 this includes bonded retainers and plastic retainers at the end. I need to confirm and then hopefully I'll have my braces on within a month (eeek!!). I have to pick between Damon braces and normal metal braces - which I believe are in a white gold colour. I was going to have Damon, but my ortho said there really isn't much difference and it won't make a difference in time span (which is what I read online and why I wanted Damon) and I will reach the same result with both. I think the normal metal ones look nicer - so I think I'll get them.

I'm super scared to get braces and I am worried what every one will think of them - I haven't told that many people. But I want perfect teeth and I'm excited to get there! The only thing that really bothers me is the elastic bands, I was really hoping not to have them. But 4 months with them isn't bad at all.

I'll be updated and asking questions as I go, so thanks for reading and speak soon!!

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Re: First Ortho Appointment

#2 Post by djspeece »

Congratulations on your decision! Your anxiety is completely normal, but you'll do great. The first few weeks are a pain, but you'll find lots of good ways to cope here. Best of luck to you!

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. -- Buddist saying

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Re: First Ortho Appointment

#3 Post by Beckett »

Congrats on your decision to take the plunge! Biggest surprise for most adults here is that practically no one says anything, even if they do notice. Which they do if they aren't blind, but really, hardly anyone says anything. I think everyone thinks we're so terrible self conscious that we'll break down in tears if someone dares to say "hey! You got braces!" and maybe ask a few harmless questions. To be honest, sometimes I'd rather they did so I can share my experience a bit. The one person who did ask was a good friend who is also considering treatment.

And for what it's worth, elastics aren't so bad. I prefer round the clock wear because taking them in and out every 12 hours just seems to make the pain last longer.
Braces for 18 months/4 days.


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Re: First Ortho Appointment

#4 Post by kcjawjourney »

Good luck! 12 months isn't bad at all, and I swear after the first couple weeks, it will go by so quickly. I've had mine on for 8 months already, and have about 6-8 weeks left to go (and I had surgery during this time). Since my surgery, I've had to wear elastics 24/7 in various configurations, and you get used to them pretty quickly. When worn as directed, elastics work fast and it's satisfying to notice the movement.

And I agree with one really says anything, and if they do, they generally aren't trying to be rude.

Just remember, the pain and hassle are temporary, and it will be worth it in the end!

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Re: First Ortho Appointment

#5 Post by Ziggy »

Your anxiety is perfectly normal. We've all been there, and based on the details in your first post getting braces now is a very good idea. I'm pushing 70, never got braces when I was a kid, and I'm very pleased with the results so far. My front teeth have some together and my bite is much improved. Hoping to avoid further wear of my teeth as time goes by.

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