Coffee lover

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Coffee lover

#1 Post by Anerol »

Any tips /tricks for a fellow coffee lover?

I recently got my traditional braces. My orthodontist gave me a list of things I can/can't eat or drink but coffee wasn't on the list. However, I'm worried about staining. I have about half a cup of coffee whenever I'm at school or work (~5x a week).

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Re: Coffee lover

#2 Post by FlowerPower »

Metal or Ceramic?

Metal doesn't really stain but if you like coffee and you must have it, brush after every cup or if that's not available then rinse your mouth out with water or drink a cup after coffee.

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Re: Coffee lover

#3 Post by 26inbraces »

I drink coffee every morning and just brush my teeth after.

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Re: Coffee lover

#4 Post by LisaK »

I drink one cup every morning. I rinse my mouth if I cant brush them if Im out and about. I have the clear ceramic braces. I did read to cut down on staining with drinks, is to eat with a straw. So thats what Ive been trying to do also

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Re: Coffee lover

#5 Post by SinkFullOfDinner »

I'm not suggesting that everyone do this, but I have a life hack that works for me. I love coffee. I love red wine. I love curries and chai masala. And this process just takes too damn long to make it worse by cutting back on the things I love. I also hate yellow ligs, so if they get discolored or I have a long interval between appts, I change the ones that are visible. That's it. It's not terribly hard to do, and my ortho trusted me to do it if needed and gave me a few strips of clear ligatures. Maybe yours will too if asked. If not, you can always go on the down low. It helps if you pick up an inexpensive locking forceps at the pharmacy/chemist. So, I eat and drink and swap out when necessary. Problem solved.

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Re: Coffee lover

#6 Post by BlondeCam »

I'd love to do this but am afraid to try :-*

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Re: Coffee lover

#7 Post by kcjawjourney »

I have clear, ceramic braces and I use a metal straw (available on Amazon) to drink coffee (hot and cold). Same thing with red wine. Even with the straw, I still swish with water after finishing. My dentist told me not to brush immediately after drinking coffee, as it actually speeds up the acidic erosion of enamel. It's best to use water first, let your saliva neutralize the acid, and THEN brush.

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Re: Coffee lover

#8 Post by nightowl12 »

I too am a coffee drinker! When (and if) you need powerchains, choose a darker color - lighter colors tend to stain more easily (lesson learned after I had a pale blue powerchain - never again!).


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Re: Coffee lover

#9 Post by Smiffy »

i like coffee and tea. cup of tea in the morning and anoon is must. i bought a koffee straw off of amazon which is silicone to avoid or reduce staining. i immediately rinse with water afterwards and if poss brush once acidic levels have lowered

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Re: Coffee lover

#10 Post by Ziggy »

I have ceramics on top and have had no problem with staining the past 14 months -- and I love coffee. That said, ligatures, which I don't have, will stain, as will power chains, which I do have. Nobody seems to notice the power chains changing color. Now, if your TEETH start to stain that's a different matter.

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